Ryanair cancels flights from Budapest

July 30, 2018, 8:45 am  english version Hungarian version  
Ryanair has cancelled three of its flights flying from Budapest on the weekend without notifying passengers in advance. On Saturday, it cancelled the flights to Rome and London and its Sunday flight to London also did not take off. Hungarian news portal reported that passengers that should have left for London at 13:15 on Saturday were notified only at 2 P.M. that they should make other plans

Mihály Hardy, communications director for Budapest Airport confirmed the fact of the cancellations to Index, saying Ryanair told them the move was necessitated by adverse weather conditions at London Stansted.

"Due to thunderstorms in Stansted last night (27 July), Ryanair were forced to cancel a number of flights. The knock on effect of this and ATC staff shortages has caused further disruptions today (28 July) including delays and cancellations," Ryanair has said on its Facebook page.

The comments below show these were not the only cancellations spiced up with communication glitches. Independent reported on Sunday that Ryanair has grounded more than 20 flights to and from UK airports, with many of the 4,000 passengers affected finding out only at check-in. It follows scores of cancellations on Saturday, which left over 15,000 travellers on Ryanair stranded.

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