SEAT delivers most cars ever in 2018

January 8, 2019, 1:44 pm  english version Hungarian version  
Seat delivered 10.5% more vehicles in 2018 than in 2017, which is the largest sales volume in the company’s 68-year history and exceeds the record set in 2000.

  • Seat sold 517,600 cars in 2018, 10.5% more than in 2017, exceeding the previous record of 514,800 cars delivered in 2000.
  • Seat achieved its sixth consecutive year of sales growth.
  • Sales have growth by over 60% since 2012.
  • In its first full sales year, the company sold 98,900 units of its urban SUV, which is the third leading model in the range.
  • With its revamping just around the corner, the Seat Leon is still the brand’s best-selling model (158,300, -6.8%) and it achieved one of the best historic results. Deliveries of the Ibiza reached 136,100 vehicles (-10.7%) while the Ateca is Seat’s fourth most widely sold model with 78,200 units delivered 2018 (-0.6%). Furthermore, in 2018 the new Cupra brand made its successful debut and posted a growth of 40.0%, with sales of 14,300 units, 4,100 more than in 2017. Germany is leading Seat sales with 114,200 vehicles sold (+11.8%) and broke its record for the second consecutive year.
  • Seat’s growth performance in Spain remains solid, where deliveries went up by 13.2% to stand at 107,800 units, boosting the company to a market leadership position.
  • Seat also obtained its best ever sales result in Austria, where sales went up by 5.3% to stand at 18,400 vehicles, moving up to rank fifth in the number of registrations, Switzerland (10,700 cars; +3.3%), Israel (9,000; +2.2%) and Morocco (2,100; +5.2%). In Europe, Seat sales were also strong in markets such as Portugal (9,600 vehicles; +16.7%), Belgium (9,500; +24.4%) and the Netherlands (8,900; +16.3%).

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