UPC boasts 2.6 million subscribers in Hungary

February 15, 2018, 3:35 pm  english version Hungarian version  
Infocommunications company UPC Hungary increased its revenues by 9.7% year on year in 2017, on the back of a 7.3% rise in the number of subscriptions to over 2.064 million, the company announced on Thursday.

UPC has not disclosed its 2016 sales figure, but publicly available data show HUF 66.57 bn.

Robert Redeleanu, CEO of UPC Hungary and UPC Romania, underlined in a statement that the main engine of sales growth was a dynamic development in mobile and business services and network upgrades. UPC invested a total of HUF 17.6 bn on network developments on 40 cities, expanding its network to 1.8 million households in 347 settlements.

UPC Hungary has over 850,000 retail and corporate customers at the end of last year, which marks an increase of more than 27,000 in annual terms. The number of high-speed Internet subscriptions rose by nearly 40,000 ot over 664,000, and there were almost 20,000 more (683,000 in total) analogous and digital TV subscriptions at the end of 2017 than a year earlier. The number of mobile subscriptions exceeded 88,000, as a result of 25,900 new sign-ups.

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