Hungary provides 2,500 schools with broadband Wi-Fi using EU funds

Digital strategy calls for programming robots in primary schools. 

Hungarian economy powerful, but we have some bad news

GDP per capita close to EU average.

Hungary cenbank takes action to ease liquidity shortage

MNB accepts bids worth 463 million euros.

Clearest warning sign in years - Labour market seen split in two

Public sector in trouble.

EU urges Hungary to step up climate efforts

The Commission found the renewables contribution of 15 member states wanting.

Labour shortage at Lake Balaton - Half of the business may go belly-up

Situation has worsened since last year, and the future is also dim.

Commission unhappy with draft energy and climate plans

Urges member states to take more action.

Drug makers could pay Hungary central budget HUF 100 bn in 2020

Increasing the budget of the drug fund is required but not sufficient in order to improve our position... 

This is how much Hungary's two new programmes will cost

Finance Ministry calculates.

Hungary bank branch network streamlined by 16%

Headcount at remaining branches grow, though.

Hungarian gov't master plan unveiled - Major tax cuts may be mulled

Revealing numbers in budget outlook.

Hungary's advertisement tax appears to be scrapped for good in 2020

Budget outlook suggests.

Sunday shopping ban may return to Hungary

Retailers may voluntarily shorten their Sunday opening hours.

All eyes on Washington this week

Central bank policy meetings in focus.

Hungary records huge EU funds inflow in May

Government reaches milestone.

Hungary signs gas interconnection pipeline deal with Serbia

Procedure to contract for gas capacity to start in September.
Macro Snapshot
General government balance (monthly, bn HUF)16-03-140,8 mrd Ft
PMI16-1252.2 pont
Current account balance (m EUR)15Q31599.4 m euró
Interest rate on forint-based consumer credit (APR)15-1216.9 %
GDP growth (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16Q3+2.0 %
Inflation (annual consumer price index)16-111.1 %
Infláció (medium-term target)08-083.0 %
Industrial production (working day adjusted, yr/yr)16-07-0.1 %
Benchmark interest rate16-120.90 %
Retail sales (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16-05+5.7 %
Foreign trade balance (m EUR)16-05+755 m euró
Interest rate on fixed HUF household deposits (within 12 months, annualised)15-120 %
Unemployment rate (average of 3 months before publication)16-104.7 %
Corporate forint lending rate - short term15-124.1 %
Views and Interviews

The harmful addiction that claimed the lives of almost 1 mn people in Hungary

Every year, we lose the equivalent of the population of a small town because of smoking, which is a major demographic problem for a country naturally decreasing... 

Hungary is still facing serious risks even after upgrade - S&P

The analyst who upgraded Hungary gives interview to Portfolio.

Hungary's Orbán makes "confession" about wage hike plans

In radio interview.