Hungarian state debt at all time low since the recession

From the Q1 figure of 74.3%, the 2Q state debt decreased to 74% of the GDP reference value, which has been the lowest in the past 9 years, since the... 

BKK bows to no court ruling, maintains penalty policy - portal

One court doesn't make a summer.

Financial assets of Hungarian households reach record high

Currency stocks grow significantly.

State Debt Manager sold more bonds than expected

Primary bond distributors collectively had HUF 103 billions of offers to purchase state securities, however... 

ÁKK buys back HUF 5.4 bn of bonds at reverse auction

The Government Debt Management Agency (ÁKK) bought back a combined HUF 5.4 billion of bonds expiring... 

INSTANT VIEW - Analysts surprised by low Q2 GDP growth

Domestic analysts have been unpleasantly surprised by the GDP growth data published today but see no... 

Hungary central bank measures aid foreign currency loan holders by HUF 1,000 bn

The burdens of debtors with foreign currency loans decreased by HUF 1,000 billion due to the conversion... 

Hungary's GDP grows 3.2% in Q2

The gross domestic product of Hungary was up by 3.2% in the second quarter of 2017 compared with the... 

Hungary ranks 3rd in EU in teen pregnancy

The number of teenage mothers remains high in Hungary, as roughly 9% of women have their first babies... 

How can 3 million Hungarians work for 10 million?

Too many people work in the public sector in Hungary, which will have to be remedied if the country's competitiveness is to improve.

Hungary buys e-procurement system for HUF 500 mn

The Hungarian government will gain a 100% stake in Electool Közbeszerzési Szolgáltató Kft, the operator... 

Hungary June agricultural producer prices up 2.5%

Agricultural producer prices were 2.5% higher in June 2017 than in the corresponding period of the previous... 

Hungary to sign lax CEU deal with New York

The Hungarian government is about to make a deal with New York state in which it adopts a rather civil... 

EU egg scandal will not affect Hungary, food safety official says

The scale of the withdrawal of contaminated eggs in the European Union is not big enough to affect market... 

Hungary sends EC letters on NGOs, higher education

Hungary has sent replies to the European Commission on Monday regarding the ongoing infringement procedures... 

Hungary industrial production up 4% in June

In June, the volume of industrial output rose by 4% year-on-year. Based on working-day adjusted data... 

INSTANT VIEW - Hungary core inflation rises further in July

Rate hike remains unlikely.

Here's the turnaround in Hungary's inflation

Government-mandated utility tariff cut could still mess things up.

Three economies that could serve as example for Hungary

The Baltic States definitely do something well.

Macro Snapshot
General government balance (monthly, bn HUF)16-03-140,8 mrd Ft
PMI16-1252.2 pont
Current account balance (m EUR)15Q31599.4 m euró
Interest rate on forint-based consumer credit (APR)15-1216.9 %
GDP growth (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16Q3+2.0 %
Inflation (annual consumer price index)16-111.1 %
Infláció (medium-term target)08-083.0 %
Industrial production (working day adjusted, yr/yr)16-07-0.1 %
Benchmark interest rate16-120.90 %
Retail sales (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16-05+5.7 %
Foreign trade balance (m EUR)16-05+755 m euró
Interest rate on fixed HUF household deposits (within 12 months, annualised)15-120 %
Unemployment rate (average of 3 months before publication)16-104.7 %
Corporate forint lending rate - short term15-124.1 %
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