Future of Hungary's gas supply route becomes uncertain

New deal signed with Russia's Gazprom. 

Hungary's central bank gets new Deputy Governor

President appoints Mihály Patai.

Hungarians were after property, while passing up the bargain

There were some good investment opportunities in the first quarter, though.

Hungarians love cash, hate credit cards

Cash use is extremely high even in international comparison.

More Hungarians are born in Germany than in some Hungarian counties

There's migration for you.

Giro d'Italia to cost Hungary more than EUR 24 million

Three stages to be held in Hungary in 2020.

EU Council defines key objectives for future research programme

Objectives are fixed, budget not yet.

Hungary Mol to raise fuel prices further

Petrol to cost HUF 400 a litre.

Commission tightens medium-term budgetary objective for Hungary

Not as if the government had lost sleep over the previous one.

Hungary's construction sector shifts into ludicrous speed

Amazing growth in February.

We'll find out this short week whether concerns are China are valid

Good Friday cuts the week short.

Hungary's Orbán wants to do more business with China

Budapest-Belgrade railroad deal to be signed shortly, he says.

Hungarian Premier to meet Chinese counterpart

In Dubrovnik, at 16+1 summit.

Inflation-linked government securities steal the show in Hungary

First-quarter figures published.

Hunters keep gathering around Budapest Bank

Bank executives talk shop at Portfolio conference.

Hungary needs five large universal banks - central banker

Consolidation in the sector was "nothing" so far, Márton Nagy tells Portfolio conference.

IMF raises 2019 GDP growth estimate for Hungary

Sees current account surplus down sharply, though.

Hungarian price increase at 10-yr high - Should central bankers start to worry?

If you have a feeling consumer prices are on the rise, you're right.

Hungary's central bank takes odd decision - What does it want?

This is a one-time tightening but our loose stance remains.

Macro Snapshot
General government balance (monthly, bn HUF)16-03-140,8 mrd Ft
PMI16-1252.2 pont
Current account balance (m EUR)15Q31599.4 m euró
Interest rate on forint-based consumer credit (APR)15-1216.9 %
GDP growth (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16Q3+2.0 %
Inflation (annual consumer price index)16-111.1 %
Infláció (medium-term target)08-083.0 %
Industrial production (working day adjusted, yr/yr)16-07-0.1 %
Benchmark interest rate16-120.90 %
Retail sales (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16-05+5.7 %
Foreign trade balance (m EUR)16-05+755 m euró
Interest rate on fixed HUF household deposits (within 12 months, annualised)15-120 %
Unemployment rate (average of 3 months before publication)16-104.7 %
Corporate forint lending rate - short term15-124.1 %
Views and Interviews

The harmful addiction that claimed the lives of almost 1 mn people in Hungary

Every year, we lose the equivalent of the population of a small town because of smoking, which is a major demographic problem for a country naturally decreasing... 

Hungary is still facing serious risks even after upgrade - S&P

The analyst who upgraded Hungary gives interview to Portfolio.

Hungary's Orbán makes "confession" about wage hike plans

In radio interview.