Aldi adds new stores to Hungarian network

October 4, 2018, 9:24 am  english version Hungarian version  
Discount retail chain Aldi is expanding its network in Hungary further. It is adding five new stores and thus creating 100 new jobs, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Aldi has opened four new stores in Hungary and one more is going to be added to the Hungarian network soon:
  • The company opened is 2nd unit in Szolnok on 30 August (Széchenyi István körút 139.).
  • Two new stores were opened in Kaposvár (Petőfi utca 56.) and Veszprém (Budapest út 20-28.) in Veszprém Plaza on 6 September.
  • This is the second Aldi stores in the capital of Somogy county and the third in the capital of Veszprém countz.
  • A new unit was opened in Enying (Váci Mihály utca) on 27 September, right along Route 64, an ideal shopping place for those headed to Lake Balaton, for instance.
  • The 137th Aldi store will be opened shortly in Üllő, on Route 4.

The new additions created about 100 new jobs in Hungary’s retail sector.

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