Festival Atmosphere in Budapest in April 2018 (x)

March 23, 2018, 12:12 pm    
For the first time since 2013 Budapest will be organizing the Division 1/A World Championships this year.

The Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation has demonstrated many times before, that they can organise great World Championships! But this time it will be much bigger than ever with smashing games and great activities for the fans!

Again Budapest is hosting the Division 1/A World Championships with a fan village and gastro area as well. There will be a number of great activities with show elements for both local fans and for visitors to enjoy.

One of the favorites to take home the gold is 2018 Winter Olympic participant country Slovenia. Italy was relegated last season from the A-Pool, Poland has been on the cusp of winning promotion for the past few seasons. Kazakhstan has a roster filled with KHL players with Great Britain being promoted to Division 1/A. Of course the host nation of Hungary can not be left out either who will be fighting to get back up to the A-Pool. We have a great team with great and loyal fans which guarantees for a great environment. Visit Budapest and support your team!


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