Giro d'Italia to cost Hungary more than EUR 24 million

April 16, 2019, 10:08 am  english version Hungarian version  
The 2020 Giro d’Italia will begin in Budapest with another two stages also being held in Hungary, organizers confirmed on Monday. The cabinet earmarks no less than 7.8 billion forints (EUR 24.32 mn) in the central state budget for the race.

Two decrees relating to Giro d’Italia have been published in the Official Gazette, saying
  • three stages of the one of cycling’s three major races will be held in Hungary;
  • up to HUF 80 million needs to be earmarked in the central state budget for promotional purposes;
  • HUF 2.2 bn needs to be ensured for the organisation of the race in the relevant chapter of the Ministry of Human Capacities, of which HUF 1.6 bn needs to be provided by 26 April, and the remaining HUF 600 mn as cost items arise;
  • the Finance Minister needs to make sure HUF 5.5 billion is available in the 2020 budget for the organisation of the three stages of Giro d’Italia
  • an Organisational Committee will be set up that will be a body of reflection, recommendations, and advice.

The race will start outside of Italy for the 14th time. Athens, Amsterdam, Belfast and Jerusalem are among the cities that have hosted the Grande Partenza before.

Organizers said further details, including where the three Hungary stages will be held, will be given in June. This year, the Giro — the first of the year’s three grand tours — starts in Bologna on 11 May and finishes on 2 June in Verona.

Budapest hosted the World Swimming Championships in 2017, and it will also hosts the World Table Tennis Championships later this month and four games at Euro 2020.

Cover photo by MTI/EPA/Alessandro Di Meo

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