Here are the long weekends in Hungary in 2020

June 26, 2019, 9:24 am  english version Hungarian version  
In 2020, the only four-day weekend - apart from Christmas and Easter - will be around 20 August in Hungary, a decree published in the Hungarian Gazette shows. On the positive side, only two Saturdays will be working days.

On the basis of the Labour Code, it is the Finance Minister’s task every year to set working arrangements relating to holidays. The relevant decree was published in the Hungarian Gazette late on Tuesday.

Accordingly, 21 August (Friday) and 24 December (Thursday) will be public holidays. These mark the only four-day weekends besides Easter next year. The two working Saturdays will be 29 August and 12 December.

There will be another four-day weekend, between April 10 and 13 (Good Friday and Easter). There will be also three-day weekends, as Whit Monday (Pentecost Monday) is on Monday, of course, and both 1 May (Labour Day) and 23 October (commemorating the Revolution of 1956) fall on a Friday. As for the national holidays, 15 March (commemorating the outbreak of the Hungarian Revolution in 1848) falls on a Sunday and so does 1 November (All Saints Day).

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