Reporting season in Hungary kicks off today

February 5, 2018, 3:25 pm  english version Hungarian version  
The reporting season has been in full swing overseas for weeks, but Hungarian companies are just about to start releasing their latest quarterly earnings reports. Let’s see when those reports will be released.

It’s time for quarterly reports again in Hungary. Distiller Zwack will kick off the reporting season today. The next is blue chip Richter, the country’s leading pharmaceutical producer on February 8, to be followed by Mol on 20 February with their Q4 2017 earnings reports. Magyar Telekom will follow suit on 21 February and OTP on 2 March.

We have collected the dates when the companies are scheduled to release their Q417 earnings reports. The first table lists them in alphabetical order and the second according to the release dates. Some of the companies do not release an earnings report; there are no dates after their names.

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