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Energy Investment Forum 2017

Date: 7th November 2017   Location: Hotel Sofitel Budapest

  • Novelties of the regulatory and funding environment in Hungary
  • Towards an Energy Union – What could the energy market reform package of the EU bring about for Hungary? The role of EU funding in Hungary’s energy supply
  • How is the Paks II expansion project coming along?
  • Energy efficiency: A neglected area?
  • How does the need to go digital affect energy companies?
  • A major role is being expected for the renewable energies – Can the government objective of 50% be accomplished?
  • Renewable energy may be given a larger role – Is the government’s 50% target attainable?
  • Winter is coming: seasonal issues of the energy supply
  • Workforce market challenges of the energy supply and energy transition
  • Challenges of energy supply and energy transition for the labour market
  • Roundtable of CEOs – Directions and opportunities in the domestic energy sector

Our speakers among others

speaker image
dr. Aszódi Attila
Government Commissioner responsible for maintaining the capacity of the Paks Atomic Power Station
speaker image
Balog Róbert
Head of Department ,
speaker image
Bertalan Zsolt
MVM Smart Future Lab
speaker image
Bács Zalán
Director ,
Rosatom Central Europe (Hungary)
speaker image
ifj. Chikán Attila
speaker image
dr. Erdei Sándor
President and Chief Executive Officer ,
DBH Investment
speaker image
Faluvégi Balázs
Co-founder & Chief Investment Officer ,
Blueopes Co.
speaker image
Fasimon Sándor
MOL Hungary
speaker image
Hlavay Richárd
Chief editor ,
speaker image
dr. Horvai-Hillenbrand Péter
Lawyer, Partner ,
Oppenheim Law Firm
speaker image
Horváth István CFA
Director ,
K&H Private Banking
speaker image
Istvánffy György
Head of Market Development ,
speaker image
Jamniczky Zsolt
Board Member ,
E.ON Hungária
speaker image
Kovács Zsolt
Chairman of the Board ,
EH Invest Zrt.
speaker image
Dr. Michael LaBelle
Professor ,
Central European University and Jean Monnet Chair in Energy and Innovation Strategies
speaker image
Dr. Légrádi Gergely
Lawyer, Partner ,
Oppenheim Ügyvédi Iroda
speaker image
Márta Irén
Managing Director ,
Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary
speaker image
Pletser Tamás CFA
EMEA Oil & Gas Analyst ,
Erste Investment
speaker image
Szabó Gergely
MET Magyarország
speaker image
Szolnoki Ádám
Chairman ,
MANAP Industry Association
speaker image
Ságodi Attila
partner, Head of Sector Government, Infrastructure, Energy & Utilities ,
speaker image
Tilesch Péter
Head of Department ,
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, Department of Electricity Supervision and Price Regulation
speaker image
dr. Velez Tamás
Deputy Head of Department ,
Department for Green Economy Development, Ministry of National Development
speaker image
dr. Zsuga János
MVM Zrt.

Why come on?

On 7 November, Portfolio is to organise one of the largest investment-focused energy conferences of Hungary for the 9th time. Just like at the previous events, the latest trends, phenomena, and the hottest topics concerning the energy market will be again presented and analysed by renowned speakers.

Experts of the sector will provide detailed information about all the major international and domestic developments of the recent past, address the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector and its investors, discuss how the energy economy of the future will look like, and how all these will influence our everyday lives.

Our Sponsors


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The Portfolio conferences are highly renowned for their great opportunities of networking and building business relationships, merely not just giving new professional knowledge. Our aim is not to have a one time occasion event, but creating a yearly international interactive forum about the changes of the market.

Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Energy companies
  • Banks
  • Lawyers
  • Industrial customers
  • Regulatory and supervisory bodies
  • Consultants
  • Investors and investment funds, venture capital companies
  • Professional associations
  • Contractors


Energy Investment Forum 2017


Program: András Major, E-mail: major.andras@portfolio.hu

Sponsorship: Sándor Nyiri, Key-Account Manager, E-mail: nyiri@portfolio.hu

Organisation, general questions: Kata Tóth, Event Organiser, E-mail: toth@portfolio.hu

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