No austerity in 2019, Hungarian PM Orbán pledges

In response to central bank's higher CPI forecast. 

Hungary to abolish casualty tax and FTT on smaller wire transfers

Tax for insurers to rise, bank tax changes too.

Hungary not to lower bank tax further despite plea by banks

Accident tax may disappear completely, though.

Hungary income tax rate could be lowered in several phases

State Audit Office President thinks so anyway.

Can final NAV decisions be re-contested? (x)

Due to a seemingly trivial error, a series of NAV decisions are being overturned in court.

Hungarian FinMin wants "yellow cheques" gone

Stresses importance of boosting SME competitiveness.

Hungary loses special tax cases vs. European Commission

Court rules in favour of EC.

Poland deploys Hungary's "wonder weapon"

Race for corporate investments just got real.

Hungary EcoMin promises further tax cuts depending on budget status

Mihály Varga hints at single-digit PIT rate.

Hungary PM Orbán reveals plans for January 2019

Competitiveness is the buzzword.

Sometimes less is more (x)

Our traditional survey again looks at how many types of taxes there are in Hungary.

NAV is coming (x)

10 questions you should know the answer to.

Commission assesses how Hungary fulfilled previous recommendations

There are good marks and bad marks.

EU to slap tax on large tech companies

EU to ruin 'Dutch sandwich' for Google, Apple, Facebook and the likes.

Bitcoin: not black, not white (x)

While more and more people all around the world are being bitten by the bitcoin bug, tax authorities are subjecting transactions executed with the cryptocurrency to ever closer scrutiny.

Hungary does not surrender plan to cut personal income tax further - Varga

However, it needs to consider budget balance.

This tax is a constant drag on Hungarian businesses

The "little brother" of corporate tax.

Hungary's 2017 fiscal elbow room large enough for one more major tax cut

Manoeuvring room may be HUF 500 billion.

Hungary zero deficit plan bodes ill for some listed companies

Hungary’s Economy Minister Mihály Varga said on Tuesday the cabinet will strive to draft the2017 budget with zero deficit. This is positive in terms... 

Views and Interviews

Forced wage hike in Hungary carries risks

Managing Director of Continental Automotive Hungary on the upcoming wage hike, contribution cut and their consequences.

Hungary to cut bank tax in exchange for increased lending - PM

Under a new bill to be submitted to Parliament today by Antal Rogán, head of the parliamentary group of Hungary’s Fidesz party, every victim but... 

Hungary's foreign policy priority is fair, strong relations with Russia, Germany - Orbán

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Wednesday his main goal in foreign policy was maintaining good relations with German and Russia and... 
Contributions on wage
Munkavállaló által fizetett 
Superannuation tax 10%
Medical insurance contributions 7%
Munkaerõpiaci járulék 1,5%
Munkáltató által fizetett 
Szociális hozzájárulási adó 22%
Vocational training contribution 1,5%
Personal Income Tax
Egy kulcs a bruttó bér 15%-a.