Hungary introduces two economy protection measures on Wednesday

Both are part of the previously announced 13+1 point action plan. 

May the workforce be with you! (x)

But with what contract?

Hungary publishes details of unique tax exemption

Mothers of four or more are exempt from personal income tax as of January.

Security firms (x)

Can you be sure they’re on the level?

Hungary could introduce single-digit PIT

Lower income tax could help attract professionals back to Hungary according to Chamber president.

Hungary to lower taxes by HUF 80 billion in 2020

Says András Tállai.

Hungary to offer unique tax exemption

Childcare allowance for grandmothers to be introduced next year.

Hungary could cut personal income tax

Head of State Audit Office sees room for tax cut.

European Court approves Hungary's ad tax

Court annuls EC decision that it is incompatible with EY state aid rules.

Hungarian gov't master plan unveiled - Major tax cuts may be mulled

Revealing numbers in budget outlook.

Hungary's advertisement tax appears to be scrapped for good in 2020

Budget outlook suggests.

Hungary to lower social contribution tax from July

Lawmakers expected to adopt bill today.

European Commission calls on Hungary to raise excise tax on tobacco

The European Commission published decisions on three infringement procedures that involve Hungary on Thursday.

This is how you will pay taxes in Hungary next year

2020 tax package lands.

Time for Hungary to abolish interest tax, state official says

President of State Audit Office calls for higher household savings.

On the way to a fairer VAT system (x)

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has declared in a recent case that when checking VAT transactions, the tax authority cannot ignore examining the full budgetary impact.

This tax is a constant drag on Hungarian businesses

The "little brother" of corporate tax.

Hungary's 2017 fiscal elbow room large enough for one more major tax cut

Manoeuvring room may be HUF 500 billion.

Hungary zero deficit plan bodes ill for some listed companies

Hungary’s Economy Minister Mihály Varga said on Tuesday the cabinet will strive to draft the2017 budget with zero deficit. This is positive in terms... 

Views and Interviews

The harmful addiction that claimed the lives of almost 1 mn people in Hungary

Every year, we lose the equivalent of the population of a small town because of smoking, which is a major demographic problem for a country naturally decreasing... 

Forced wage hike in Hungary carries risks

Managing Director of Continental Automotive Hungary on the upcoming wage hike, contribution cut and their consequences.

Hungary to cut bank tax in exchange for increased lending - PM

Under a new bill to be submitted to Parliament today by Antal Rogán, head of the parliamentary group of Hungary’s Fidesz party, every victim but... 
Contributions on wage
Munkavállaló által fizetett 
Superannuation tax 10%
Medical insurance contributions 7%
Munkaerõpiaci járulék 1,5%
Munkáltató által fizetett 
Szociális hozzájárulási adó 22%
Vocational training contribution 1,5%
Personal Income Tax
Egy kulcs a bruttó bér 15%-a.