Budapest Economic Forum 2020 | 8th October 2020

Please select the way you would like to participate at the event!

Offline ticket

We hold our events in line with the pandemic-related regulations in effect at the time. We continue to employ the usual maximum safety measures. We therefore suggest that you secure your place at the conference by buying one or more of a limited number of offline (on-site) tickets.


Online ticket

Our professional online conferences allow you to follow the entire programme live and in an interactive manner. Whether you join from home or from the office, we are offering you our customary high-quality professional programme in the virtual space as well. The platforms of our events provide the best interactive opportunities available, such as live networking, personal video calls, and parallel sections, offering you the sensation of a real live event.

Important! Our new flexible ticket system provides you the freedom to change the way you participate on one occasion until 10 days before the event.