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This year brings us to the ninth Portfolio Self-reliance Conference, which covers the hottest topics in self-reliance and savings. The event will seek to answer a number of questions, including what opportunities are available for self-reliance in the domestic market,... More
Portfolio is holding its economic summit for the ninth time, an event where economic decision-makers, top executives, EU experts, economy policy experts, and domestic and foreign market analysts can meet and discuss the Hungarian and global situation and outlook. At... More
2019 is a year of transition in healthcare. The government is simultaneously looking at several proposals to transform healthcare, and we'll soon see how much momentum this work gains. In addition, healthcare developments of a scope never seen before are... More


Energy Investment Forum 2019

7th November 2019 
This year, one of Hungary's leading investment-focused energy conferences will focus on the upcoming fundamental changes to domestic gas and electricity supply, partly due to changes in global relations, and on the key challenges the energy industry faces as a... More


Portfolio Banking Technology 2019

14th November 2019 
This will be our fourth Banking Technology conference, one of the most prominent intellectual workshops of the banking and IT sectors and fintech companies. This year's event will focus on the digital transition of banks and the major business and... More
We are celebrating a minor anniversary this year, as this is the 15th year we are organising the Portfolio Property Investment Forum conference, the foremost professional event in the property investment market, in cooperation with the country's leading professionals. The... More


Smart Logistics 2019

Smart Logistics 2019

21st May 2019
Future City 2019

Future City 2019

4th June 2019
FM & Office 2019

FM & Office 2019

8th May 2019
Energy Investment Forum 2018

Energy Investment Forum 2018

6th November 2018
Agricultural Conference 2018

Agricultural Conference 2018

28th - 29th November 2018
Agrarian Sector Conference 2016

Agrarian Sector Conference 2016

1st - 2nd December 2016
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