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Portfolio Banking Technology 2017

16th November 2017 
Banks will soon find themselves in the line of fire over domestic and EU-level regulations that will turn the banking system upside down. The implementation of instant payment system is near, which will prove to be a fundamental challenge to... More
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is on its way. But what will it bring to banks, insurers and large enterprises? The regulation contains increased fines for non-compliance or partial compliance with the GDPR, hence the stakes are... More


Financial IT 2017

30th May 2017 
Something has finally broken the ice in the Hungarian financial sector: financial institutions started to notice the small, but agile fintech and insurtech companies which come up with salient ideas. In addition, the supposed enemies apparently see opportunities in each... More


Financial IT 2015

16th April 2015 
In April 2015, Portfolio organizes this successful Financial IT Conference for the third time, where the representatives of the financial and IT sector share thoughts and opinions on the usefulness of newest technologies and the practical usefulness of the IT... More