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Corporate Energy Procurement 2023

Date: 18th April 2023  

Location: Radisson Blu Béke Hotel


  • The big picture in energy procurement – EU and national regulatory frameworks
  • Expected gas and electricity situation in the wake of war and gas storage recharge challenges
  • New types of contractual arrangements, price indexation (spot, forward), additional charges and pre-payment – what should we look out for and why do things cost as much as they cost?
  • Energy efficiency best practices – what investment supports best a cost-efficient corporate operation?
  • Replacing electricity and gas, a gas boiler with a heat pump – technologies and experiences first-hand
  • Energy traders among each other: what do they think about market prospects, customer needs, and contractual frameworks?
  • Energy users among themselves: change is the only constant – how do they cope with energy procurement challenges?

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Bali Gábor
Managing Director
speaker image
Berényi Gábor
Smart Solar Kft.
speaker image
Czinege Kornél
Chief Executive Officer
MVM Partner Ltd.
speaker image
Dányi Márk
Senior Corporate Sales Trader
Holt Global International AG
speaker image
Feczák Tamás
Managing Director
Hódkertész Kft.
speaker image
Dr. Hanis Dávid
Attorney-at-law, Partner
Oppenheim Law Firm
speaker image
Hiezl Gábor
MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt.
speaker image
dr. Horvai-Hillenbrand Péter
Lawyer, Partner
Oppenheim Law Firm
speaker image
Kádár Márton
Head of Sales
speaker image
Kigyósi Zoltán
Kaposvári Villamossági Gyár Kft.
speaker image
Dr. Légrádi Gergely
Attorney-at-law, Partner
Oppenheim Ügyvédi Iroda
speaker image
Losó Viktor
Mirelite Mirsa
speaker image
Losonczy Géza
Associate Partner, Head of Energy & Utility Advisory Services
speaker image
Dr. Nagy Zoltán
Hungarian Industrial Energy Consumers’ Association (IEF)
speaker image
Petis László
managing director
IL-PE Kft.
speaker image
Soós Szabolcs
Financial Director
Solar Markt Group
speaker image
Thierry László
Managing Director
ElringKlinger Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Tihanyi Gábor
Green Energy Solution Leader
E.ON Energiamegoldások Kft.
speaker image
Tóth Kata
Conference project leader
speaker image
Weinhardt Attila
Senior Analyst

Why you should come?

Large uncertainty prevails in the EU gas and electricity market; as a result, many Hungarian companies can only access energy on radically different price levels and contract terms. For how long can this last and what prices and contractual frameworks can be expected in the following period? How and through what solutions can decision-makers responsible for energy procurement in small, medium, and large companies prepare for this in time and consciously? How and through which energy efficiency solutions can companies’ gas and electricity consumption and thus, costs, be reduced; and what – expected national and EU – regulatory frameworks should be considered when planning energy procurement?

Portfolio’s new professional event, Corporate Energy Procurement 2023 will focus on these topics affecting companies’ everyday operations. Our objective with the half-day conference is to gather those practice-oriented information and concrete examples, and best practices, that can aid companies’ efficient, conscious energy procurement and cost efficiency in a challenging business operation.

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We would like to inform you that this conference will not be held online. There is no recording and possibility for subsequent viewing. We are looking forward to seeing you face-to-face!

Who we recommend

  • Production and finance managers in SMEs and large companies,
  • Corporate decision-makers responsible for energy procurement,
  • Energy traders, sales agents, and decision-makers responsible for customer contracts,
  • Companies offering energy efficiency solutions,
  • Representatives from the government, power exchange, and energy regulators,
  • Representatives of the funding side
  • and those who want to expand their network of connections, look for business networking possibilities

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Corporate Energy Procurement 2023


Organisation, general questions

Renáta Szekeres
  • Renáta Szekeres
  • Event Organizer
  • Phone: +36 1 646 4367
  • Email:


Sándor Takács
  • Sándor Takács
  • Commercial Director
  • Phone: 428-9094
  • Email:
Csilla Kiss
  • Csilla Kiss
  • Phone: +36 20 287 3256
  • Email:


Kata Tóth
  • Kata Tóth
  • Conference Project Leader
  • Phone: +36 20 386 0751
  • Email:
Attila Weinhardt
  • Attila Weinhardt
  • Analyst
  • Phone: 428-9060
  • Email:
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