Property Investment Forum 2016


November 22: the Hungarian real estate event of the year. Portfolio Property Investment Forum, the most important event of the Hungarian real estate market will be held for the 12th time now. Sector-related professional programs throughout the day, parallel thematic sections in the afternoon, reception in the evening with surprises, awarding ceremony and lots of networking opportunities.


Emerging Europe Property Forum - London 2016


2nd Emerging Europe Property Forum to be held in cooperation with RICS on the afternoon of 8 November 2016 at Parliament Square in London, focusing on the the most exciting Emerging Markets at one event in London. Presentations, interactive panel discussions, networking opportunities. Exclusive half-day conference in London.



Former conferences...

Agrarian Sector Conference 2016

2016.12.01 - 2016.12.02

1-2 December: the largest Hungarian agricultural conference. This year we are holding our two-day agricultural conference for the fourth time, which over the last few years has grown into one of the most important domestic agrarian networking events. Besides contact building, the top-notch professional programme takes the main role, providing a platform for debating the most important topics in Hungarian agriculture over two days in plenary and parallel thematic sections. We are bringing decisive experts in domestic agriculture, opinion shapers, company directors, branch and policy decision makers along to the event, so that those attending the conference can receive answers first hand to the most important questions affecting the branch. The Agricultural Conference 2016 is a professional forum and meeting point, its goal being to create an opportunity for networking and collective reflection by the profession.


Agricultural Conference 2016


2016 will be an eventful year for the Hungarian agricultural sector. The past year was rich in unexpected changes, and this year brings possibilities and challenges never seen before. What promises does the new Rural Development Program hold? How do we prosper a market full of tenders? How can we apply successfully for the new Union funds? What solution can be found for the drastic effects of the Russian embargo? What effects will the technological explosion have on the agricultural sector? Can the new branch be set in motion by the new credit programs? How will the food industry, gardening and livestock breeding sectors utilize the new state- and Union granted billions?


Portfolio – MAGE Automotive Industry 2016 Fall - official conference of Automotive Hungary


The joint conference of Portfolio and Magyar Gépjárműipari Egyesület (MAGE) will take place for the 3rd time this fall, as an official professional event of Automotive Hungary (International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers), held on the second day of the exhibition, in the parlor of HUNGEXPO.


Budapest Economic Forum 2016


Portfolio is soon hosting the sixth of its annual economic summits, bringing policymakers together to exchange views on the current situation and future outlook on a global and national level. The Budapest Economic Forum is the place to discuss everything that really matters to the financial and private sector right now: growth and competitiveness, shortage of labour and appeal to investors, closing the wage gap and economic migration, EU funds and foreign direct investment, lending and banking sector outlook.


Lending 2016


We are celebrating a jubilee at Portfolio’s Lending conference, as this is the 10th time we organize this event with the participation of a wide variety of operators from the Hungarian lending sector. It is good news that after the time of the lean kine, an upward trend may begin in the Hungarian lending market, facilitated, among others, by the family home benefit in the retail sector, and the new incentives added to the re-financing loan programs in the small- and medium company sector. The economic growth is another factor contributing to lending, while loan offers are less and less limited by regulatory measures. It seems that the market of non-performing loans is also starting up in Hungary, which makes the program of our event even more current.


Investment 2016


The Hungarian savings market was clearly all about state securities last year. The volume of state securities held by individuals rose to an all-time high, while the market of investment market stagnated. Due to the current low profit environment, it is hard to find investment opportunities in Hungary that are more attractive than state securities, and as such, the pressure on investment counselors and experts is larger than ever from the clients. The world-market conditions are also not favorable for the Hungarian savings market. The hectic changes of the share and bond markets that defined last year seem to continue this year, and despite the much awaited interest raise made by the Fed, China and the emerging markets still hold investors in check.


Energy Investment Forum 2016


Portfolio is holding its 7th energetics conference on November 8th. Similar to past events, prestigious presenters will touch upon the most important topics concerning the energy market this year. The aim of the event is to discuss the most important decisions of last year with Hungary's decisive opinion leaders, and to find solutions for the challenges that face the industry.


Energy Investment Forum 2015


This year, it is the sixth time that Portfolio organizes its energy conference, unique in Hungary for its focus on investment, where renowned international and domestic speakers will discuss the most important topics concerning the energy market, just like during the previous events organized by the company. The conference aims at summarizing the most important events of the year with the help of the opinion makers of the country and the region, the experts of the sector, and the best domestic professional, and seeking solutions to the challenges before the industry.


Financial IT 2015


In April 2015, Portfolio organizes this successful Financial IT Conference for the third time, where the representatives of the financial and IT sector share thoughts and opinions on the usefulness of newest technologies and the practical usefulness of the IT developments, the return of the IT investments, and the most important trends of the sector.

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Ilyen volt az év ingatlanos eseménye

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