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Gen Z Fest /Green

About the Future. Honestly.

Date: 9th November 2023  

Location: CEU Nádor Event Center


  • What kind of a future should Generation Z expect?
  • Hello Earth, how are you?
  • How can we reduce our expenses with sustainability?
  • A sustainable and well-paid job – A dream or reality?
  • Labour market challenges in a green future
  • Should I avoid going out to parties and taking flights to save my future? – Sustainable entertainment and travel
  • Is technology a friend or an enemy of sustainability?
  • Is there a way out of the labyrinth of climate anxiety?
  • What should I do, buy, and eat for a green future?

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Adriány Csenge
Sustainability Consultant
InnoTime Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Bagoly Boglárka
Optometrist, Psychology student
volunteer at the Children's Bridge Foundation
speaker image
Blaumann Debóra
Head of Marketing & PR
Erste Bank
speaker image
Bódy Gergő
speaker image
Buru Éva
Fabrik Budapest, specialty coffeeshop and creative community space
speaker image
Erős Zita
Director of HR
speaker image
Dr. Fehér Zoltán
Conservation Manager
WWF Hungary
speaker image
Fränk Barbara
lead producer
Compact TV
speaker image
Gazsi Zoltán
Eisberg Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Gombkötő Emma
Gen Z Fest project leader, photojournalist
speaker image
Györgyi-Ambró Gergő
Environmental Educator
WWF Magyarország Alapítvány
speaker image
Korn Anita
content creator
speaker image
Köves Alexandra
Ecological economist
Corvinus University of Budapest
speaker image
Labancz Dániel
Clinical Psychologist
Expert of UNICEF Hungary
speaker image
Litkai Gergely
Comedian, Production Manager
speaker image
OTP Fáy Alapítvány trénere
OTP Fáy Alapítvány
speaker image
Papp Luca
Project Manager, Climate&Energy Programme
WWF Hungary
speaker image
Dr. Rab Árpád
Trend researcher
NKE EJKK ITKI research fellow, NMHH presidential advisor
speaker image
Rácz Anna
senior marketing specialist
speaker image
Dr. Reith András PhD
speaker image
Remete Tibor
Strategy and Creative Director
Super Channel Kft.
speaker image
Réti Andor
speaker image
Wettstein Albert

Why you should come?

Sustainability and environmental protection are essential topics nowadays. 

Rightfully, since we are talking about our future. It seriously concerns young people in their twenties, that is, Generation Z. They are filled with questions and fears, but they also have ideas for solutions. That is why we are organising the PORTFOLIO GEN Z FEST /GREEN in 2023 to provide a space for asking questions, responses, and debates. 

It will not be an average #savetheplanet event. We are not greenwashing. This is about our future so we act, seek and offer solutions for young people, with young people.

The goal is to target and mobilise Gen Z. They are the decision-makers of the future so it is important that sustainability and environmental protection are matters close to their hearts. For this, we must clarify basic terminology, answer their questions, and present people and companies they can trust in this subject.

It is important that company leaders, decision-makers, and HR + PR experts are present at the festival. We need their knowledge, we must learn from their mistakes and carry on together, thinking jointly since our common goal is to achieve a green future. 

We are bringing an exciting and useful sustainability festival to life in CEU Downtown. We are addressing young people, we are not talking into thin air but providing them with tools and possible solutions that they can build into their everydays and prepare for the future; the green future. They can ask, debate, and try things out on this day as the future is in their hands (too).


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We would like to inform you that this conference will not be held online. There is no recording and possibility for subsequent viewing. We are looking forward to seeing you face-to-face!

Who we recommend

  • sustainability is a matter close to your heart
  • you are not passionate about sustainability but feel the need to deal with the issue
  • you go to secondary school
  • you are a university student
  • you have just started working
  • you are curious about the jobs, workplaces, and workplace challenges of the green future
  • you are interested in sustainable shopping, cooking, travel and entertainment
  • you are anxious about the future
  • you are not anxious about the future, which makes you anxious
  • you would ask company leaders questions
  • meghallgatnál vitákat a fenntarthatósággal kapcsolatban
  • Are you curious about the needs, ideas, fears and expectations of Generation Z? We welcome:
  • decision-makers of innovative and green businesses
  • energy suppliers and generators
  • business executives
  • conscious energy consumers
  • financial investors, businesspeople
  • banks and financers
  • consultants
  • middle and top managers
  • product developers
  • professionals responsible for sales
  • HR, PR, marketing experts
  • lifestyle counsellors and coaches

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Organisation, general questions

Nikoletta Dobler
  • Nikoletta Dobler
  • rendezvényszervező
  • Phone: +36 1 646 4393
  • Email:


Sándor Takács
  • Sándor Takács
  • Commercial Director
  • Phone: 428-9094
  • Email:
Péter Mihály
  • Péter Mihály
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Phone: +36-70-544-0164
  • Email:


Emma Gombkötő
  • Emma Gombkötő
  • Email:
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