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Portfolio-MAGE Industry 4.0

Date: 18th October 2018   Location: HUNGEXPO Budapesti Vásárközpont

  • The digital transition in practice: what to look out for when planning and implementing development projects? Case studies
  • Smart factory – what makes a factory smart? Regional and domestic pilot projects
  • Horizontal and vertical integration; joint developments outside the factory and inside the gates
  • Smart investments of the future, not just in the car industry – from planning to implementation
  • How is the "smartening" of production technologies and the inevitable need for technology upgrades present in other industries? Logistics, smart city projects, service sector
  • Robotisation vs. labour shortage
  • Resources and improving the efficiency of SMEs in the service of digital manufacturing

Why you should come?

Portfolio and the Association of the Hungarian Automotive Industry (MAGE) have been organising successful car industry conferences for the past four years. We believe that the car industry is in the vanguard of digitalisation and technological developments and could set an example for other industries. The goal of our sixth joint conference is to present the best practices and innovations of the sector to the entire Hungarian manufacturing industry, as well as to highlight regional and domestic projects from other industries.

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With the digitalisation of manufacturing processes, retooling production lines for a new product takes a fraction of the time, and the specifications of the manufactured parts and products can even be changed on the fly. Augmented reality devices used by employees can improve the efficiency of maintenance and production processes, while industrial internet systems and the data obtained from millions of sensors can decrease both downtime and the number of defective products. 
But it is not just manufacturing that is changing in this age of transition – new products, as well as platforms where customers can communicate their needs to manufacturers, are being born to efficiently service so-called mass customization. In addition to Industry 4.0 developments in the car industry, our programme will also include looking at case studies of the best domestic technology upgrades, as well as examples from other industries.

Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Top executives of manufacturing companies from all industries
  • Executives and experts of vehicle makers (OEM), system integrators (TIER1), technology suppliers (TIER2) and raw material suppliers (TIER3)
  • Logistics companies
  • Technology companies, fintech and insurtech companies, IT and IT security companies, startups
  • Representatives of banks, financial institutions and the financing side in general
  • Law offices and consultants
  • Car industry organisations, clusters, regulatory authorities
  • Energy suppliers


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