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Portfolio Banking Technology 2019

Date: 14th November 2019   Location: Europa Congress Center

Why you should come?

This will be our fourth Banking Technology conference, one of the most prominent intellectual workshops of the banking and IT sectors and fintech companies. This year's event will focus on the digital transition of banks and the major business and technological development paths taken by the sector.

In 2019, at least one major Hungarian bank will begin the changeover of its core system, and others may well follow suit. This is a project of huge size and costs and no smaller risks, but most banks will not be able to put it off much longer. One of the big questions of the year is whether banks' IT departments, already overworked due to the planned introduction of the instant transfer system in July, will have sufficient energy, time and money left to also come up with new payment methods?

Meanwhile, the PSD2 regulations will go live on September 14. Will the EU's directive deliver on its promise, and will fintech companies make a move on banks' revenues? Or are fintech startups only viable with banking partners in Hungary?

The fintech ecosystem is developing nicely in Hungary, with a number of successful startups either supporting or disrupting the banking market. Who will be the winners?


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Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Banks, Fintech companies and startups,
  • IT developers and IT security firms,
  • Card companies, ATM operators, POS terminal operators,
  • Online retailers,
  • Executives, representatives and IT professionals from payment processors.



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Organisation, general questions

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