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XX. Property Investment Forum

Date: 25th September 2024  

Location: Hotel InterContinental Budapest


  • PIF XX – Portfolio’s Flagship Conference!
  • We are connecting the leaders of the domestic real estate market for the twentieth time!
  • 2024 is the year of waiting – Have we hit rock bottom?
  • Macroenvironment, inflation, interest rates, yields
  • Financing and investment climate
  • Have products and services been repriced?
  • Office market – The everydays of the most important submarket
  • Everyday struggles of the retail market
  • Hotel and tourism – A boom
  • The most important real estate opinion leaders around one table
  • Industrial and logistics properties? – How long will the momentum last?
  • What will happen to the housing market? – Has the demand returned?
  • Are we just talking about it, or is the renovation and renewal super-weapon really kicking in?
  • Is operation still on the agenda, or is it back to business as usual?

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Angel Gábor
Deputy CEO, Office
speaker image
Balassa László
Deputy CEO of Real Estate Development
Market Asset Management Zrt.
speaker image
Banai Ádám PhD, MRICS
Executive director for monetary policy instruments, financial stability and foreign reserve management
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
speaker image
Borbély Gábor
speaker image
Ditróy Gergely
Business Development Director
speaker image
Ecsődi Miklós
Director, Head of Occupier Services
speaker image
Fóti Balázs
Director, Hotel Development and Portfolio
speaker image
Futó Gábor
Founder and Co-Owner
speaker image
Gereben Mátyás MRICS
Country Manager
CPI Hungary
speaker image
dr Gondi Ferenc MBA
Managing Director
CTP Hungary
speaker image
Görög Áron Konstantin
Sales Director
speaker image
Gyertyánfy Miklós MRICS
Chief Operating Officer
Granit Polus
speaker image
Győri Gyula
Facility Management Director
CPI Facility Management Kft.
speaker image
Jellinek Dániel
Partner, CEO
Indotek Group
speaker image
Karácsonyi András
B2B üzletág vezető
Westend Üzemeltető Kft.
speaker image
Kemenes László MRICS
Managing Director Hungary
speaker image
Korda Zsófia
Corporate Sales Relations and Business Development Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
speaker image
Dr. Kovács Benedek
Partner, Head of Real Estate
Baker & McKenzie Budapest
speaker image
Madár István
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Madler Attila
Asset Management Director
CPI Hungary
speaker image
Mazsaroff Kata
Managing Director
Colliers Hungary
speaker image
Mikesy Álmos
Deputy CEO
Gránit Alapkezelő
speaker image
Nemes Rudolf
speaker image
Dr. Ódor Dániel MRICS
Taylor Wessing
speaker image
Noah Steinberg FRICS
Chairman & CEO
speaker image
Székely Ádám
Managing Director, Owner, Infogroup
IFK, Vice-chairman
speaker image
Dr. Takács Ernő
Deputy CEO
WING Zrt., IFK Chairman
speaker image
Virovácz Péter
Lead analyst
ING Bank

Why you should come?

The 20th PIF is here! This real estate market is not the same as it was in 2005! It is mature, professional, prospering, competitive, transparent, flexible, tenant- and function-oriented. What will happen next? Can the invisible crisis be over? Is a rebound or a prolonged wait on the horizon? With the pandemic long gone and the Russian-Ukrainian war still going on, numerous question marks, risks, and difficulties persist in the real estate market, from the improving but still fragile interest rate environment to global climate and security issues and the artificial intelligence revolution. The new world order that has emerged in recent years has caused serious damage to some sub-markets while other areas have experienced tremendous progress and development. This shift between the old and the new world is still lasting, with power relations still evolving. We may be more aware of the real damage and the concrete changes and transformations, but it will be many years (if ever) before we reach a new equilibrium. Rebuilding the market and placing it on new foundations, inserting the new normal remains our task. Change should not be seen as a threat but as an opportunity to be seized and leveraged, increasingly supported by fresh knowledge nowadays!
There could not be a better occasion to create the informational and networking background needed to successfully develop our company, business model, and investments than a personal meeting where this vibrating, lively market full of professional contacts and friendships, the world of professional real estate practitioners can come together, shake hands, drink merrily, celebrate again, and, naturally, exchange opinions, debate, and listen to the market’s influencers on the most important professional and business questions for the twentieth time now.
In 2024, we will once again bring together the key players in the domestic real estate industry at the InterContinental Hotel and offer everyone a full-day event discussing topics such as investments, developments, financing, macroeconomic processes, technological innovations, home office, operation, retail, hotel, e-commerce, logistics, the housing market, alternative products, and marketing and digitalisation. Do not miss out on the event of the year! Let us meet again!



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Who we recommend

  • Decision-makers, professionals, and managers in the real estate market
  • Developers
  • Financers and banks
  • Players in the construction industry
  • Institutional and private investors
  • Owners of office buildings or other real estates
  • Consultants
  • FM, PM, and AM segment representatives
  • Lawyers, legal practitioners, appraisers
  • Local government officials
  • and those who want to expand their network of connections, look for business and networking possibilities

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Organisation, general questions

Nikoletta Dobler
  • Nikoletta Dobler
  • Event Organiser
  • Phone: +36 1 646 4393
  • Email:


Péter Mihály
  • Péter Mihály
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Phone: +36-70-544-0164
  • Email:


Gergely Ditróy
  • Gergely Ditróy
  • üzletfejlesztési igazgató
  • Email:
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