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Sándor Bertalan

Company: Takarékbank
Job title: Head of SME Sales Network and Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development
Sándor BERTALAN is the head of the Business Division of MFB Hungarian Development Bank in his position as Deputy CEO. Following his engineering degree, he received his qualification as Economist at the University of Miskolc. Starting from 1994, he gained his in-depth professional banking experience at the central and regional business areas of Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (known as MKB), working at different areas such as sales, risk management and pre-workout. Achieving acknowledgement and thus progreesing to higher stages in his career, he was working in different leading positions on the fields of special large corporate customers, SME financing and branch network coordination as well as supervising the retail and wholesale channels as Regional Director. Since the end of 2013 he has been working at MFB Hungarian Development Bank as the Managing Director responsible for loans and from the beginning of this year he has been appointed Deputy CEO being responsible for treasury, customized loans, product development and distribution.
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