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Milán Gauder

Company: IzzyPay
Job title: fintech angel investor, Board Member
Milan Gauder is spending his sabbatical after 21 years of professional career in the payment techology industry. Milan has worked first as strategic consultant then joint Mastercard when it was just a small association and he has climbed the career ladder to become one of the top global executive of Mastercard, which was a global top20 biggest enterprise at the time. Probably Milan has been the highest ranked Hungarian at global firms in the XXI century so far.  Beside his corporate life Milan is known for his social impact projects, including for example the first private Theater in Budapest (Atrium Szinhaz) were many of the top independent artists (Pinter Bela, Alfoldi Robert, Bodo Viktor, Bödőcs Tibor) have performed. He also runs a boutique hotel in Marrakech, Morocco (Riad al Massarah) and hosts NGOs there.  His brothers are successful on very different areas, Aron Gauder is the director of Nyócker (2004) and Kojot 4 lelke (2023) films, while Mark Gauder is the co-founder and owner of SzimplaKert.

Previously attended as speaker on the following Portfolio conferences:

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