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György Surányi

Company: Former President of the Hungarian National Bank
Job title: Economist
Having graduated from MKKE with a Financial Policy major, his career started in 1977 with the Financial Research Institute. He obtained a PhD in money and inflation theory in 1986. In 1986/87 he was a consultant for World Bank, Washington D. C. In 1989/90 he was state secretary at the National Planning Office. President of MNB in 1990/91. CEO of CIB Bank in 1992/95. From 1995 he was the president of MNB once again for six years, as well as Hungary’s IMF governor. During this time he obtained a teaching authorization, and was appointed university professor at the Corvinus University. He was Central European head of IntesaSanpaolo Bank, president of CIB, VUB, PBZ, Intesa Belgrad in 2001/14. Member of the Board of Directors at Brughel between 2003-07. Member of the International Consulting Body of Brandeis University, Boston.

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