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Heinz Wiedner

Company: Raiffeisen Bank
Job title: former CEO
Heinz Wiedner became a member of the Board of Managers at Raiffeisen International in 2001, long before the Corporation became listed at the stock exchange in April 2005. Since 2003 when he was appointed Deputy CEO of operations, Wiedner’s first and foremost responsibilities were the organizational, IT, and bank operations fields within the group. Besides that he also supervised the Hungarian subsidiary bank as well as the subsidiary banks of other countries as member of the Board. The bank professional’s tasks also included supervision of the merger project of the Romanian Raiffeisen Bank (founded in 1998) and Banca Agricola (acquired in 2001). Heinz Wiedner joined Raiffeisen Zentralbank in 1993, as head of the payment transactions department. Before that he held various international positions within Citigroup for 16 years. Although Wiedner is an Austrian national born in Graz, his mother is of Hungarian origin, and she migrated to Austria in 1948.

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