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Dr. János Kóka

Company: Cellum
Job title: Chairman of the Board, CEO
Dr. János Kóka is a former Minister of Economy, a financial investor, IT entrepreneur, and since 2011 CEO of Cellum. This businessman, who originally obtained a medical degree, has fulfilled various management positions since 1996, both in the public and the private sector. He entered the world of IT in 1996 as Executive Director of Elender Computer Kft., right around the time the IT market in Hungary was awakening. Due to his business successes, in 2000 he was awarded the prize of the “IT Manager of the Year”, established by the Association of IT Enterprises. In October 2004 he became Minister of Economy and Transport with the support of SZDSZ, his principal tasks being the creation of an enterprise-friendly environment, fostering the growth of the company sector, reinforcing knowledge-based economy, and increasing the international presence of Hungarian enterprises. In 2010, he left politics behind, and returned to business. First he took part in Cellum’s reorganization, and then in 2011 he was elected CEO of Cellum Global Zrt., created in order to promote the international expansion of the company group. He is in the very same position as of now, assisting the implementation of the company’s regional and global business strategy.

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