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Lindemann David

Company: World Bank
Job title: Former Senior Advisor (Pensions)
David Lindeman was a Principal Analyst (Pensions) at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development at the headquarters in Paris, France. He was a Senior Advisor (Pensions) at the World Bank from October 1995 to March 2001, specializing in pension advice to developing countries. The principal countries with which he worked include Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, the Russian Federation, and Uzbekistan. He also participated in workshops and conferences for Brazil, Estonia, China, Sri Lanka, the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, and the Asian Development Bank. Before joining the World Bank, he served as Executive Director of the 1994–97 Quadrennial Social Security Advisory Council of the U.S. Government. Immediately prior to that job he was Director for Policy and Research of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, an agency of the US Government that guarantees benefits in private sector defined benefit pension schemes in the event of sponsor insolvency and asset insufficiency. Among other positions before that, he was a tax policy analyst at the US Congressional Budget Office and that agency’s Acting General Counsel. At the CBO position, he co-authored a extensive study on tax policy for retirement savings. He holds both undergraduate and law degrees from Columbia University and completed the tax law sequence at Georgetown University.

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