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István Palkó

Company: Portfolio
Job title: Senior Analyst
Mr. István Palkó graduated at the Department of Finance of the Corvinus University of Budapest in year 2007 and at the Dronten Professional Agricultural University in the Netherlands in year 2008. For a short time he worked as the analyst of Morgan Stanley, and since January 2009 he has been the analyst of Portfolio.hu, where his professional field is the finance sector. He is the responsible editor of the Financial Alamanac, and he plays a key role in organizing the insurance and credit conferences of Portfolio.hu from professional aspects. He was awarded a Junior Prima prize in the press category in 2011.

István Palkó will be our speaker at the following event:


Insurance 2024

27th February 2024, Marriott Hotel, Budapest
The Hungarian insurance industry is going through one of the most difficult periods in its recent history. Besides the several EU and supervisory regulatory challenges, the government has started to look at the sector as a strategic branch, with its... More

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