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Prof. Dr. Magdolna Csath DSc

Company: research professor at the National University of Public Services (NUPS)
Job title: Member of National Competitiveness Council
Prof.Dr.Magdolna Csath is the doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), Emeritus professor of the Saint Stephan’s Univerisity (Gödöllő, Hungary), and research professor at the National University of Public Services (NUPS) in Budapest. She worked as a professor in the USA for five years and in the UK for two years. At present she is a visiting professor of the University of Economic Sciences in Prague. (Czech Republic). Professor Csath serves on the Competitiveness Council of the Minister for National Economics. She is responsible for the Economic Stability and National Competitiveness research field in the „Good State, Good Governance” research project, and the leader of a team undertaking research on the „Soft and social factors of competitiveness” subject at NUPS. Professor Csath has been promoting alternative thinking for a long time. She published a book with the title: The economy has to serve human beings and not the other way around” in 2010. Recently she edited and also wrote two chapters in the book entitled „Economics: social-economics, macroeconomic basics” published by NUPS in 2014. The title of her chapters: „Alternative growth models”, and „Competitiveness”. Her latest article on „Measuring economic performance in a system view” has just been accepted for publication by the Journal of Hungarian Science of HUS. Professor Csath is mentoring PhD students in four Doctoral Schools. She is the permanent reviewer of the British International Journal of Organization Analysis, and the International Journal of Development and Learning in Organizations. Professor Csath is also an elected member of the Committee of Scientific Business Administration at HAS.

Previously attended as speaker on the following Portfolio conference:

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