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Tamás Madarász

Company: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Job title: Decision Science Team Lead - Vice President
Tamas Madarasz is a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase &Co., where he leads efforts in the research and implementation of artificial intelligence tools for the International Consumer Bank. He is an experienced AI researcher and practitioner with expertise in natural language processing, reinforcement learning and planning,  causal inference, and cognitive/behavioural science. Before venturing into the world of finance, he worked as a research scientist at tech companies, developing machine learning tools for applications such as chip design, compiler optimization and self-driving technology.  Prior to his career in industry, he was an academic researcher at the Universities of Oxford and Geneva, as well as performing as a classical ‘cellist for over a decade. Beyond developing the new generation of AI tools, he is passionate about understanding the societal implications of this new frontier, and the safeguards necessary to ensure its responsible use and positive impact.

Previously attended as speaker on the following Portfolio conferences:

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