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Dávid Vitézy

Job title: Former CEO of BKK
Dávid Vitézy finished his studies in 2010 at Budapest University of Technology, faculty of economy and social sciences. Qualified economist. Between 2002 and 2010 member of the Városi és Elővárosi Közlekedési Egyesület (VEKE) (urban and suburban transportation association). He becomes the leader of the working group from 2005, then member of the board and presidency. Works from 2007 to 2009 at BKV Zrt. and member of the supervisory committee. As a member delegated by representatives of the Fővárosi Közgyűlés (Capital Assembly) his task was to represent the interests of the passengers of the public transportation and the tax payers. Since 2010 he was the CEO of the BKK Zrt. and member of the board. Now he is working at Ministry of National Development.
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