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Tájékozódjon eseményeinkről 6 iparágban: Offline és Online konferenciák

Feedback from our instructors

Thank you, you managed to organize a really comprehensive conference, for which I would like to express my special congratulations. I would be glad to cooperate with you in the future as well.

Szabolcs Varga, CEO
Gutmann Magyarország Plc.

Thank you for your attentiveness, and the opportunity you provided me, by which I was able to participate in this successful conference.

László Bánfalvi, executive director
HC Központ Ltd. (Biggeorge's Holding)

I would like to thank you for your invitation to the conference, and express my congratulations regarding its organization. Both the whole preparation process and execution was professional, I can but congratulate you for that. I wish you further success in your work!

Dr. Róbert Hermán, investment director
Portico Investment

It was a pleasure to participate in the conference, since in addition to the excellent introduction opportunity I also had the chance to hear some thought-provoking speeches.

Zoltán Bereczki, director
BNP Paribas Fund Management

Thank you again for the invitation and the request. In my opinion the conference was very useful, professionally meaningful and very well organized.

András Harnos, CEO
Aegon Hitel Plc.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to participate in such a good-humored conversation over such an exciting topic.

Dr. Zsolt Simon, consumer product development director
Erste Bank

Thank you for the invitation, I hope my participation was useful. I am happy to cooperate with you in the future as well.

Dr. András Orosz, executive director
K&H Bank

Thank you, and I would be glad to participate in more of your events in the future.

dr. Gyula Nagy, CEO
UniCredit Jelzálogbank Plc.

Thank you very much, I feel honored to have been able to participate in the forum. Congratulations for the excellent organization.

Zsolt Pilhál, Head of Department

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to participate, and congratulations for the successful organization and execution of the event. I am also happy to cooperate with you regarding events in connection with real estate.

Dr. Gábor Czike, Partner
Ormai és Társai CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

Congratulations for the conference and its organization, I wish you to keep up the good work.

István Milus, Treasury Manager

In our opinion, the event was professional from every aspect.

Zoltán Baranyai, Head of Sales
ING Fund management

I was very glad to participate in the conference, thank you for the professional organization! We would greatly appreciate more and higher-resolution pictures about the event for our archives.

Krisztián Hornok MRICS, executive director

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. We have already expressed our congratulations to the organizing colleagues by phone, as well as to the results of the conference.

Péter Illy, CEO
AL Holding Plc.

I deemed the Wealth and Management 2008 conference absolutely helpful from a professional aspect, and I would be glad to participate in it in the future.

Andrea McEwen, Country Head CEE
Raiffeisen International Fund Advisory GmbH

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak at the conference.

Michelle Dunne, Director
Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index Group

I very much enjoyed the conference and having been able to meet new people in a - at least for me - new market. Thank you very much.

Dr. Dominique Wohnlich, Director, Credit Suisse Asset Management
Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland