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Agricultural Conference 2024

Date: 4th - 5th December 2024  

Location: Siófok, Hotel Azúr Wellness ****

Prestigious Agriculture Awards at the Agricultural Conference!


  • mid- and long-term prospects and breakout possibilities of the Hungarian agricultural economy
  • 2024 results of the agricultural sector, situation assessment
  • the most important changes in the EU Common Agricultural Policy
  • rural development tender opportunities in 2025
  • az ukrán mezőgazdasági termelés hosszú távú hatása a magyar mezőgazdaságra
  • green conditions and new regulatory directions of EU and domestic agricultural production
  • requirements for sustainable agriculture and circular farming, new funding possibilities
  • newest trends in agricultural financing, banking requirements, funding possibilities, subsidised loan products
  • the effect of climate change on domestic agriculture, steps to mitigate drought
  • Hungarian perspectives of irrigation development, tender and support possibilities
  • breakout chances, market situation, and profitability of animal husbandry sectors
  • current animal welfare and animal health issues, support and tender possibilities, protection against antimicrobial resistance
  • challenges in foraging in 2025, market trends and new technologies in foraging
  • arable crop production profitability prospects
  • prices and trends in the cereals sector, expected market events in 2025
  • Hungarian situation, industrial and market need for oil crops
  • main directions of horticulture development, most profitable fruit and vegetable crops and production technologies
  • supply and demand relations in the input market, the most effective solutions in pesticide, seed, and fertiliser use
  • agricultural machine market tendencies in Hungary, newest trends and funding opportunities in precision farming and agricultural digitisation
  • application possibilities of artificial intelligence in the agricultural economy
  • regulation requirements of agricultural drone use, perspective areas of application for drones
  • energy efficiency improvement possibilities in agriculture and the food industry, the most important trends in energy markets
  • the future of bio farming in Hungary, new funding possibilities and subsidies
  • domestic regulation of farm transfers, solution possibilities for generational change
  • newest trends of agribusiness innovations, the correlation between innovations and companies’ profitability
  • the Hungarian food industry’s development, funding, and market possibilities
  • food industry companies’ possibilities of entering foreign markets, main directions of increasing exports, the new programmes of community agricultural marketing
  • main changes in the regulation affecting packaging in the food industry, packaging material market trends
  • contractual relations between farmers, food producers, and food traders, new regulatory requirements for market players
  • main processes in the domestic food trade, consumer needs and commercial expectations in the food market
  • criteria for an economically viable farm size, land policy and land market regulation updates

Why you should come?

Portfolio Group’s Agricultural Conference, held at the end of the year, has become one of the largest and most important agricultural professional events in the Hungarian agricultural economy. The two-day event gets its exclusivity and uniqueness from the fact that it presents the most current topics concerning the agricultural and food economy in a comprehensive and detailed way. Therefore, the conference provides the most comprehensive information possible on the processes impacting agriculture in a determining way, and, in addition to summarising and evaluating the year’s events in agriculture, it outlines a longer-term vision of the future for participants’ development and investment decisions. At the conference, top leaders of domestic public administration, bank, corporate, and advocacy sectors provide first-hand, relevant information, which can be useful for all actors in the agricultural economy: farmers, food producers, and traders. Besides, the event provides a wide range of possibilities for businesses serving agriculture – input producers, integrators, machinery distributors, financing and other service providers – to present themselves and for market building. In addition to the rich programme, the conference offers a possibility for professional networking and business negotiations, and after the first day’s technical presentations and roundtable discussions, it will allow participants to recharge and relax with an entertaining show.


Download the Portfolio Events mobile app where you can find Portfolio’s professional events in one app, personalised for you. You can access the event’s detailed programme, the list of participants, and your conference ticket, among other things. We even offer a virtual business card exchange. How? The QR code on the badge is your personalised online business card - scan each other's QR codes and you can keep in touch after the conference. Profession, experience, networking. Install with QR-code from desktop >>

Who we recommend

  • small-scale and individual farmers, family farmers, sole proprietors, companies
  • economic leaders, business decision-makers
  • food and manufacturing companies
  • agricultural integrators
  • machinery distributors and input manufacturing companies
  • representation of domestic and multinational agricultural companies in Hungary
  • banks, insurers, and consultant firms
  • traders and retailers in the agricultural sector
  • representatives of industries serving the food economy
  • agricultural administrative organisations, agricultural interest groups, professional organisations

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