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Budapest Economic Forum 2017

Date: 5th October 2017   Location: Hotel Sofitel Budapest

  • A two-speed Europe? Where do the region and Hungary belong to?
  • Economic expectations and their impacts on the capital market in the region and in Hungary.
  • Development policy in the region and in Hungary.
  • Hungary has published all EU tenders, but will it do a fat lot of good for the country? Will it be able to put to use the last abundance of EU funds to improve competitiveness?
  • Competitiveness with the help of the MNB? Round table of central bank governors.
  • Lending, growth and the current status of the banking sector – Round table of commercial bankers.
  • Labour shortage in Europe and in Hungary – Demography, migration, education, corporate management strategies.

Our speakers among others

speaker image
Urbán László
Visiting Professor
CEU Department of Economics and Business
speaker image
Darvas Zsolt
Senior Fellow
Bruegel Institute
speaker image
Pasquale Diana
Executive Director, Head of CEEMEA Economics
Morgan Stanley
speaker image
Andor László
Head of Department
BCE, former Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of EU
speaker image
Peter Attard Montalto
Executive Director and Senior Emerging Markets Economist and Strategist
speaker image
Jelasity Radován
Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO
Erste Bank Hungary
speaker image
Felfalusi Péter
Intrum Zrt.
speaker image
Karvalits Ferenc
Wallis Asset Management Ltd.
speaker image
Kocsány János
Graphisoft Park
speaker image
Bod Péter Ákos
Corvinus University of Budapest
speaker image
Nagy Márton
National Bank of Hungary
speaker image
Dr. Balog Ádám
MKB Bank Zrt.
speaker image
Weinhardt Attila
speaker image
Csaba László
Professor, Member of MTA
Central European University
speaker image
Madár István
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Orbán Gábor
Richter Gedeon
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média Zrt. (Portfolio)
speaker image
Csepreghy Nándor
Deputy Minister for Prime Minister’s Office
Prime Minister's Office
speaker image
Krisán László
CEO, KAVOSZ Zrt., President, BCCI
Vice-President and Chairman of the Committee for EU-Sources, HCCI
speaker image
Dr. Palkovics László
Secretary of State Responsible for Higher Education
Ministry of Human Resources
speaker image
Bernáth Tamás
Hungarian Development Bank
speaker image
Dr. Balázs Péter
Director - Center for European Neighborhood Studies (CENS)
Professor of International Relations - Central European University
speaker image
Virág Barnabás
Managing Director
Hungarian National Bank
speaker image
Nánássy András
Managing Director
speaker image
Vida József
Takarékbank Zrt.
speaker image
Móró Tamás
Chief Strategist
Concorde Értékpapír Zrt.
speaker image
Lajkó Ferenc
Waberer’s International Nyrt.
speaker image
Kevin A. Murray
Citi Magyarország & Közép-Európa régió
speaker image
Hujber Tibor
Country Manager, Chief Sales Officer
Trenkwalder Hungary
speaker image
Wolf László
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Banking Division
OTP Bank Plc.
speaker image
David Moucheron
K&H Bank
speaker image
Otilia Dhand PhD
Senior Vice President
Teneo Intelligence
speaker image
Vazil Hudák
Vice President
European Investment Bank - EIB
speaker image
Jiří Jirásek
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (CMZRB)
speaker image
Peter Dittrich
SZRB Asset Management
speaker image
Molnár Balázs
Deputy State Secretary for EU issues
Prime Minister's Office
speaker image
Tomasz Matulka
Head of International Relations Office
Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Poland

Why you should come?

Portfolio is going to organise its economic summit for the seventh time this year. The event offers an extraordinary opportunity for economic policymakers, corporate executives, EU experts, domestic and foreign market analysts to meet and exchange views about the current state and future of the country and the world. Everything that is important for the players of the financial and economic sectors will be on the agenda at the Budapest Economic Forum.

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Portfolio Conferences are organized by NET Media Inc. Our events cover 7 different industries and attract more than 8000 participants annually and highly renowned for their great opportunities of networking and building business relationships, merely not just giving new professional knowledge. Our aim is not to have a one time occasion event, but creating a yearly international interactive forum about the changes of the market. Find out more on www.portfolio.hu/en or conference@portfolio.hu (e-mail).



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Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Private equity & venture capital investors
  • Financial directors
  • Middle and top management of financial institutions
  • Players on the sales side of the sector
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Financing experts
  • Consultants

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