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Sustainable Tech 2024

Innovation today, green economy tomorrow

Date: 24th April 2024  

Location: Marriott Hotel, Budapest


  • Tech giants – What pace are the biggest and most innovative companies setting?
  • Clean Tech in practice – Everything you should know about recycling, renewable wind, solar, hydro and biomass energy
  • Financiers’ new favourite: money flows to projects that are green, digital, or energy-efficient
  • Fruits hanging higher: Is carbon capture and storage (CCS) still too expensive?
  • Green hydrogen before a breakthrough – Where are we now?
  • Digitalisation and data – The only way towards a carbon-neutral world
  • Hungarian green energy market updates: storage subsidies, energy communities, microgrids
  • Creating a circular economy: waste management and recycling
  • Tech risks and trends: AI, digital knowledge, and a skilled workforce

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Georgiu Achilles
Innovation Management Expert
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
Csernus Dóra
Director for Climate and Environmental Policy
Equilibrium Institute
speaker image
Dömötör Tibor
speaker image
Franke Orsolya
Market & Client Relationship Manager, Senior HR Consultant
speaker image
Furák Zoltán
Senior Technology Development Expert
MOHU MOL Hulladékgazdálkodási Zrt.
speaker image
Garai Gergely
Plant Manager
speaker image
Gyura Gábor
Sustainable finance consultant
United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative
speaker image
Hajós Balázs
Sales Director
Schneider Electric Zrt.
speaker image
Hankó Gergely
Protecting nature engineer, Economist, Managing Director
Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises
speaker image
Hejja Róbert
Investment Partner
OXO Holdings
speaker image
Hevesi Nóra
Head of Communications and Campaigns
speaker image
Holoda Attila
Managing Director
Aurora Energy Kft.
speaker image
Jancsár Gergely
Head of Sustainability
speaker image
Kardosné Mészáros Viktória
Green Transition Office Manager
FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.
speaker image
Kereskényi Péter
Head of Real Estate, Acquisition and Syndicated Finance
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
speaker image
Dr. Kiss Csaba
Deputy CEO, CTO and CNO
MVM Zrt.
speaker image
Kiss Gábor
Managing Director, Metrodom Kivitelező Kft.
IFK, Vice-chairman
speaker image
Koczóh Levente András
Senior Climate Policy Advisor
Green Policy Center
speaker image
Kovács Gábor
Head of Public Affairs
speaker image
Kovács Gábor
Head of Hydrogen Business Unit
Messer Hungarogáz Kft.
speaker image
Mayer Zoltán
Hydrogen Specialist, HUMDA Zrt.
Secretary, Member of the Board, Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
speaker image
Miklós Rozália
Executive Director, Head of the Budapest office
speaker image
Molnár Szabolcs
Production Supervision Manager
MVM Zrt.
speaker image
Pásztor Roxána
Sustainability Project Leader
speaker image
Petri Bernadett
Executive Director
Hungarian Development Promotion Office (MFOI)
speaker image
Pintér László
Innovation Director
speaker image
Simon Anita
Deputy CEO, Sustainability and Circular Economy
Alteo Group
speaker image
Soltész Attila
4S-2000 Kft.
speaker image
Szabó László
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK)
speaker image
Dr. Szanyi János
Head of Research
Szegedi Tudományegyetem Alkalmazott Geotermikus Kutatás-Fejlesztési Központ
speaker image
Szarvas Gábor
Head of the EU Taxonomy Working Group
speaker image
Szita Gábor
speaker image
Szoboszlai Beáta
Head of Energy & Utilities Consulting
PwC Magyarország
speaker image
Dr. Tompos András PhD
Director, Senior Research Fellow
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Renewable Energy Research Group
speaker image
Tóth Márton Máté
Head of Quality & Operational Excellence
thyssenkrupp Materials Eastern Europe
speaker image
Rosalinde Van Der Vlies
DG Research & Innovation , Clean Planet European Commission
speaker image
Vass Lajos
director for development
ÉMI Nonprofit Kft.
speaker image
Wieder Gergő
speaker image
Zsámba Judit
Project Manager
Magyar Fejlesztésösztönző Iroda (MFOI)

Why you should come?

The green transition and reaching climate goals are impossible without technology; for this reason, we are organising the Portfolio Sustainable Tech conference for the second time. Innovation, digitalisation, and technologies, which are now perhaps yet unknown, are our most efficient tools to achieve a sustainable economy and daily lives without damaging our environment.

However, there are challenges we must prepare for; time constraints, technological knowledge, financing, returns, regulations and industry greening still need serious work. It is precisely to learn about and overcome these barriers that the Sustainable Tech 2024 conference aims to bring together the best sustainable technology solutions for net zero emissions and to help shape the mindsets, collective thinking, and business development of market players.



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We would like to inform you that this conference will not be held online. There is no recording and possibility for subsequent viewing. We are looking forward to seeing you face-to-face!

Who we recommend

  • Decision-makers of innovative and green businesses
  • Business executives
  • Sustainability experts
  • Financial investors, businesspeople
  • Banks and financers
  • Consultants
  • Investment funds
  • Those working in IT, HR, energy, real estate, and the construction industry
  • Companies interested in technological transition, regardless of their sector
  • and for those who want to expand their network of contacts, they are looking for business networking opportunities

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Sustainable Tech 2024


Organisation, general questions

Zsanett Zsoldos
  • Zsanett Zsoldos
  • Phone: +36 1 472 2095
  • Email:


Sándor Takács
  • Sándor Takács
  • Commercial Director
  • Phone: 428-9094
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Csilla Kiss
  • Csilla Kiss
  • Phone: +36 20 287 3256
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Roxána Pásztor
  • Roxána Pásztor
  • analyst
  • Phone: +36-30-908-9711
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