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Energy Investment Forum 2022 - Powered by MEKH

Date: 4th October 2022  

Location: Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest


  • The supply security questions of the energy crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, EU sanctions in the light of Member States’ different energy supply possibilities and in the context of energy supply in Hungary
  • Gas market prospects: global and European demand-supply market situation, will LNG save the day and will there be enough gas this winter?
  • Global and domestic economic impacts of soaring energy prices and expectations: how long can prices remain high?
  • EU regulation at the service of crisis management (REPowerEU): plans and reality, what options Hungary has, short- and long-term measures
  • Short-term resource diversification, resource substitution plans, domestic possibilities and limits
  • Mid- and long-term plans: Clean energy, energy efficiency, hydrogen economy – a realistic way to reduce energy dependence?
  • Two birds with one stone? Possibilities for the realisation of the 2050 climate targets and Russian divestment simultaneously
  • Boundaries of reaching climate goals: are system balance, network typology, market regulation and system governance real obstacles, are the barriers technical or economic? How can we help by regulation, support, or physical infrastructural development?
  • The key to the energy efficiency obligation scheme and policies for heating, cooling, and transport; is building energy really the key to energy independence?
  • Practical aspects of energy procurement and use during crisis: experiences, cooperation, flexibility.
  • What do the experts recommend: for how long will the energy price environment be high, and what alternative cost reduction possibilities should we consider (energy storage, own solar panel, energy efficiency, aggregators and energy communities)?

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Dr. Bacsa György
SVP Strategy and Business Development
MOL Group
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
Beck Zsófia
Managing Director and Partner, Energy and Utilities in CEE
speaker image
Biczók András
speaker image
ifj. Chikán Attila
speaker image
Fejes Tibor
Managing Director
Audax Renewables Kft.
speaker image
Feldmájer Benjámin
Sustainability Manager
Schneider Electric Zrt.
speaker image
Felsmann Balázs
senior research associate
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Chairman of the Hungarian Energy Traders’ Association
speaker image
Ferencz I. Szabolcs
Földgázszállító Zrt.
speaker image
Hajós Balázs
Sales Director
Schneider Electric Zrt.
speaker image
Hiezl Gábor
MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt.
speaker image
Hoffer Zoltán
Senior consultant
4iG Nyrt.
speaker image
Horváth Péter
Chief Executive in Office
Dunamenti Power Plant
speaker image
Horváth Péter János
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA)
speaker image
Dr. Kiss Csaba
Deputy CEO, CTO and CNO
MVM Zrt.
speaker image
Kovács Pál
Vice President
Hungarian Energy And Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH)
speaker image
Kun Erika
Head of Energy Trading
ISD Power Kft.
speaker image
Losonczy Géza
Associate Partner, Head of Energy & Utility Advisory Services
speaker image
Dr. Nagy Zoltán
Hungarian Industrial Energy Consumers’ Association (IEF)
speaker image
Dr. Nemes Csaba
Head of Sustainable Development Department
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority
speaker image
Dr. Palkovics László
Ministry of Technology and Industry (TIM)
speaker image
Alexandra Petrujinschi
Carbon & EAC Trader
speaker image
Pintér László
Innovation Director
speaker image
Sabján László
Managing director
AGC Glass Hungary Ltd
speaker image
Ságodi Attila
Lead Partner
EY-Parthenon and EY Energy Sector
speaker image
Ságvári Pál
Vice President for Strategic and International Affairs
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority
speaker image
Dr. Sepsey Balázs
Partner, Attorney-at-law
Kinstellar Budapest
speaker image
Szabó Gergely
Regional Chairman
MET Central Europe
speaker image
Szabó Róbert
Director of Smart PV Solutions
Huawei Technologies Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Szebeni Márton
Managing Director
CYEB Group
speaker image
Weinhardt Attila
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Dr. Guntram Würzberg
E.ON Hungária Zrt.
speaker image
Zuggó Balázs
Managing Director
Daikin Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Zsigri Mónika
Head of Unit for the Energy TaskForce Unit dealing with “Global Demand and international Negotiations”, DG ENER
European Commission

Why you should come?

In many ways, we have had an unprecedented few months, and the next period will be no different -  the energy sector is a crucial focal point for world events and their consequences. The past year was all about the rising energy prices in the global economy; huge redistribution processes have started not only among domestic economic players but between home and abroad. There will be a lot to talk about at the Portfolio Energy Investment Forum 2022 conference. The main professional arch of the programme will be the security of supply, divestment from Russian oil and gas due to the war, and at the same time, the feasibility of sticking to the 2030 and 2050 climate targets since it is a big question how and on what timetable these two main EU strategic goals can be achieved simultaneously. Divesting from Russian energy sources seems to be a time-consuming and costly process for Hungary, while it is also likely to lead to permanently high energy prices. The latter incentivises the spread of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, but it may temporarily increase, for example, the utilisation of coal-fired power plants and the demand for regulators, such as gas-powered stations. All of this influences the creation of a sustainable (green) EU funding regulatory framework. All players in the energy sector, including the government, regulators and advisors, as well as generators, network operators, energy traders and, of course, users, need to be prepared to deal with the crisis. Find out what the future holds for the market and how domestic energy companies respond to the challenges ahead.

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Who we recommend

  • Energy industry companies
  • investors, investment funds, venture capital companies
  • players in the credit intermediation market
  • representatives of regulatory authorities, experts from public and supervisory bodies
  • bank staff
  • consultants
  • lawyer
  • large customers
  • contractors
  • and those seeking to expand their network, looking for new business connections

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Energy Investment Forum 2022


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