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Portfolio.hu Green Energy Investment Forum 2012

Date: 4th October 2012   Location: Hilton Budapest (Buda Castle), Budapest, Hungary

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89.900 HUF + VAT/person


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20% discount

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25% discount

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30% discount

Important information about the prices and services

Participation Fee and Discounts: 

The participation fee of the conference is HUF 89,900 + VAT / person. The fee contains the documentation of the conference, the buffet lunch and the coffee breaks. The languages of the conference will be Hungarian and English. We provide a 10 % discount for the registration of two persons and 20 % discount for the registration of three or more persons.

Conditions of Registration, Payment and Cancellation

We will send a confirmation in email in the case of an on online registration. (The data and the "Conditions of Registration, Payment and Cancellation" have to be accepted during registration.) We will send a Fee Requesting Notice in email based on the data that are approved in the course of registration after the acceptance the "Conditions of Registration, Payment and Cancellation". The fee has to be paid within 8 workdays after the confirmation of the registration. The invoice will be issued after payment. We will post to the invoice to you to the address that is given on the occasion of registration. An online application is classified an order. Paying the participation fee in advance is a prerequisite of participating at the event.

We accept cancellations with refunding the complete participation fee - EXCLUSIVELY IN WRITING at the address of conference@portfolio.hu - till 12 hours on workday 5 before the event. In the case of cancellations made after this time the participation may be assigned, but the complete fee has to be paid. We are not in a position to accept cancellations made through phone or in any other verbal form. 
It is not possible to cancel participation in the case of registrations that are made after the cancellation deadline. In the case of registrations made 1-2 workdays before the event it may happen that the transfer of the participation fee will not be credited to our bank account, therefore in this case it is possible to transfer the fee on workday 1 after the event.

Since online applications are classified as orders, we are not in a position to accept ex post complaints - including absence from the event, because of the lack of transferring the fee - after the cancellation deadline. The complete fee has to be paid in this case as well - provided no written cancellation was received by us till the cancellation deadline.

Application, Payment and Cancellation Conditions

We will confirm your online registration in an email. (During registration, you will have to approve your personal data and the present Conditions.) Once you consent to the Registration, payment and cancellation conditions, we will send you a proforma invoice attached to the confirmation email based on the data provided during registration. Please pay this invoice within 8 working days following confirmation of your registration. Once payment is received, we will send you the invoice to the address given at registration.

Online registration constitutes an order. Prior payment of the attendance fee is a prerequisite for participating at the event. Once registration is finalised and submitted, we will not accept cancellations and will not refund the ticket. The attendance fee is to be paid even in case of non-attendance. Registration may be transferred after the full attendance fee is paid. In case of registrations during the last one or two working days before the event, the attendance fee may not arrive to our account in time. In such cases, transfers are accepted the first working day after the event. As online registration constitutes an order, we will not accept complaints after the event, including citing the lack of transfer or failure to attend the event for any other reason. The full amount will be due nevertheless.


Net Média Zrt. reserves the right to change the date of the event. In case of a change in the event date, Net Média Zrt. will inform ticket holders in due time. Tickets already ordered and paid will be valid for the new date or, if that date is not convenient, may be transferred. In case the new date is not convenient and the ticket holder does not wish to transfer the ticket, or if the event is cancelled without a new date, the owners of tickets already paid but not used will be given a voucher that may be used to buy one ticket to any Portfolio Conference by the end of next year, in line with the "Registration, Payment and Cancellation Terms and Conditions".

Tickets will not be refunded even if the event is moved to a new date or cancelled altogether.

*Vouchers received in this manner to replace tickets already paid for our Lending, Financial IT, Banking Technology, Property Investment Forum or Agricultural Conference events will provide free admission to any Portfolio Event. Vouchers received in lieu of tickets to other events will provide a 75% discount to our Lending, Financial IT, Banking Technology, Property Investment Forum or Agricultural Conference events or will provide free admission to any other Portfolio Event

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