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Consumer Credit Risk & Collections 2021 Meetup

Date: 29th April 2021  

Location: Online


  • The effect of the coronavirus on the solvency of retail and corporate customers
  • The legal risks of NPL and debt management in Hungary in 2021
  • Managing the expected increase in defaults at banks and debt managers
  • High-tech solutions in credit management
  • The role of open banking and big data in decision-making concerning credit risks
  • Retail credit risks and the future of NPL management in Hungary

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Árgyelán Ágnes
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
Dr. Barna Gábor Miklós
Head of Credit Management
CIB Bank
speaker image
Dr. Benke Zsófia
Lawyer, Federal Secretary
Magyar Követeléskezelők és Üzleti Információt Szolgáltatók Szövetsége (MAKISZ)
speaker image
Dr. Csorbai Hajnalka
Head of Strategy
Opten Kft.
speaker image
Fábián Gergely
Managing Director
National Bank of Hungary
speaker image
Felfalusi Péter
speaker image
Győrfi Gábor
Director Business Development
speaker image
dr. Hölczl Krisztina
Head of Restructuring and Workout
MKB Bank
speaker image
Lencsés Tamás
Managing Director
EOS Faktor Zrt.
speaker image
Molnár Gergő
Head of Marketing and Digi Sales
K&H Bank
speaker image
Turzó Ádám

Why you should come?

As it stands now, the loan repayment moratorium in Hungary is set to end as of 30 June 2021, which could reveal how vulnerable Hungarian households and businesses are to the prolonged financial effects of the coronavirus crisis. Banks may again focus on NPL management, the management and reduction of payment risks will be valued higher, and activity could resume in the debt purchase market. But what debt management techniques, technological innovations, legal hurdles and financial considerations will affect the market in the short, medium and long terms? This will be the focus of Portfolio's 29 April event, where experts from Hungary's bank and NPL management markets evaluate expected market developments from financial, legal and technological aspects, with a special emphasis on households.

Who we recommend

  • Managers and staff of lending institutions dealing with credit risks, debt management or work-out
  • Managers and staff of debt management companies
  • Managers and staff of domestic businesses whose job includes debt or credit management
  • Managers and staff of executors
  • Lawyers, attorneys and consultants involved in the debt management market
  • Managers and staff of financial IT companies

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Organisation, general questions

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  • Andrea Barabás
  • event organizer
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Péter Mihály
  • Péter Mihály
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Phone: +36-70-544-0164
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István Palkó
  • István Palkó
  • Senior Analyst
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