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Financial IT 2022

Date: 31st May 2022  

Location: Marriott Hotel, Budapest + Terrace


  • Digital business challenges – International and digital competition between banks
  • Global banking trends and new technologies – ESG, AI and cloud in banks
  • Open banking and beyond banking
  • Instant Payment System 2.0 – Innovative technologies, CBDC and BNPL on the Hungarian payment market
  • What technologies do banks use to enhance efficiency?
  • Data-driven operation and distributed systems in banks

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Abrán József
Presales manager
SAS Institute Kft.
speaker image
Ákos Tamás
Deputy CEO
CIB Bank
speaker image
Georgios Arvithis
Finance, Managing Director
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
dr. Bárányos Krisztina
Director of Privacy
Smart Specialist Zrt. (GDPR Specialisták)
speaker image
Bartha Lajos
Managing Director
National Bank of Hungary
speaker image
Biró Gabriella
Head of the IT supervision department
Central Bank of Hungary
speaker image
Böszörményi Ádám
Solution Sales Manager
Dun & Bradstreet
speaker image
Csanak Gabriella
Marketing and Operations Lead
Microsoft Magyarország
speaker image
Dojcsák Dániel
marketing communications director
speaker image
Dunai Zsolt
Head of Digital Marketing and Customer Experience
CIB Bank Zrt.
speaker image
Rostyslav Dyuk
Chairman of the Board
Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies


speaker image
Eölyüs Endre
Country Manager for Hungary and Slovenia
speaker image
Erni Tamás
Managing Partner
speaker image
Faluvégi Balázs
Blue Valew Nonprofit Inc.
speaker image
Fáykiss Péter
Director, Digitalization Directorate
Central Bank of Hungary (Magyar Nemzeti Bank, MNB)
speaker image
Fischer Bálint
Chief Business Development Officer
speaker image
Foltányi Tamás
Erste Bank
speaker image
Galló Csaba Márton
Head of Digital Channels and CRM
CIB Bank
speaker image
Horváth Balázs
Partner, senior consultant
Bancard Tanácsadó Kft.
speaker image
Kádár Tamás
CEO and Co-Founder
speaker image
Kórász Tamás
speaker image
Kuhárszki András
Managing Director, Omnichannel Tribe
OTP Bank
speaker image
Kuti Zsolt
Executive Director for Monetary Policy, Financial Market and Macrofinance Analysis
National Bank of Hungary
speaker image
Mondovics Péter
Marketing Manager
speaker image
Mudri György
CEO and co-founder
speaker image
Nemes Máté
Product Development Manager
speaker image
Nyíri József
speaker image
Orosz Márton
Director of Content Development
Portfolio Csoport and Portfolio Podcast Lab
speaker image
Pataky Piroska
Director of Marketing
MBH Bank
speaker image
Patonai István
K&H Group
speaker image
Pecsenye Roland
Chief Digital and Operations Officer (CDOO)
Magyar Bankholding
speaker image
Rácz László
Data Protection Expert, Data Protection Department
speaker image
Sári Ibolya
Managing Director
OTP Bank
speaker image
Sebestény Viktor
Systems Engineer
Inter-Computer-Informatika Zrt.
speaker image
Henning Soller
McKinsey & Company


speaker image
Martin Stiller
Presales Manager
SAS Institute
speaker image
Szabó Norbert
Head of AI Division
speaker image
Szalkai Réka
Director of Marketing
speaker image
Szpisják Tibor
Managing Director
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
speaker image
Tóth Kata
Conference project leader
speaker image
Turzó Ádám
speaker image
Vinnai Balázs
Chief Advisor, Chairman

Why you should come?

In 2022, we will hold our 10th conference focusing on the digital transformation of the banking sector, where bank executives, IT decision makers, top consultants, fintech gurus and start-uppers can discuss the hottest trends.

Our conference will explore the ESG trend, which is not limited to sustainable corporate operation, but also covers the new business potentials in green finance. AI solutions have already infiltrated the everyday life of banks, where the development of the Hungarian language module opens up a range of new opportunities.

It is also evident that we are moving into the age of hyper-automation, when banks and corporations prefer to automate and digitise every work process. What change management is required for this and which technologies may be of help? Data-driven operation has also become a hot topic, for which IT-support must be complemented with the transformation of bank management.

The payment market still generating a significant income for the banks will also be addressed, where the Instant Payment System 2.0, the introduction of central bank digital currencies and the BNPL trend could all bring major changes.

The agile approach has already been introduced into the banks’ practice in Hungary. What kind of problems have been faced and what results have been achieved through the agile methodology? Distributed systems, DevOps, containerization, cloud native and hybrid cloud trend are terms already known by most of the IT departments. What are they good for and how do the companies employ new technologies?

The conference will cover the type of apps and digital products the banks enter the digital space with, also considering the new trends of business driven IT developments.

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Who we recommend

  • Banks
  • IT suppliers
  • Fintech companies
  • Consultants
  • Regulators
  • and for those who want to expand their network of contacts, they are looking for business networking opportunities

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Financial IT 2022


Organisation, general questions

Renáta Szekeres
  • Renáta Szekeres
  • Event Organizer
  • Phone: +36 1 646 4367
  • Email:


Judit Lippai
  • Judit Lippai
  • Key account sales partner
  • Phone: 06/30 311 87 02
  • Email:


Ádám Turzó
  • Ádám Turzó
  • Phone: 06/1-472-2093 / 42
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