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Tájékozódjon eseményeinkről 6 iparágban: Offline és Online konferenciák

FM & Hybrid Office 2021

Focusing on sustainability and flexibility

Date: 8th June 2021  

Location: Marriott Hotel


  • The office market of the future
  • Changing tenant needs
  • Innovative facility management
  • Co-working, serviced offices and other flexible solutions
  • Changing spaces and their use
  • Sustainability and greening at all costs
  • Behind the lease: changing legal, financial and service frameworks
  • Digitalisation and proptech
  • Liveable city solutions

Our speakers among others

speaker image
B+N Referencia Zrt.
delegated representative
speaker image
Ditróy Gergely
Head of Property Division
speaker image
Gereben Mátyás MRICS
Country Manager
CPI Hungary
speaker image
Mazsaroff Kata
Director, Head of Occupier Services
Colliers International
speaker image
Vágó László
NEO Property Services Zrt.

Why you should come?

2021 is the first year of a new era. Our world has not only received a financial blow that can be remedied through various fiscal and monetary measures within reasonable time – this time, the foundations have been shaken, and pillars believed to be indestructible have been brought down. We are also seeing a spectacular structural transformation in the property market, with the occasional crisis thrown in. Just two years ago, the market and the world in general saw the upcoming huge changes and developments in digitalisation and technological advance, as well as in sustainability and environmental awareness, which were increasingly becoming a burden on society. Today, while all the above remain important, the focus is elsewhere. Real estate professionals are no longer scratching their heads over low vacancy rates or construction capacities; they are now concerned about the masses of people who may never wish to return to offices. But where will this lead? What will be the balanced solution?

Topics we will cover include the office market, facility and property management, sustainability, the struggle between old and new buildings, the extreme changes in tenants' requirements, sublease, planning, proptech, digitalisation, and liveable cities – in short, our future. This future will be written by domestic property professionals, including all those who help find solutions to these burning issues. 

Why you should attend
We need to meet, whether in person, which this vibrant profession based on networking has understandably been missing, or just online. We need to meet so that our common market can be built further by the professional insight of participants, and to offer an opportunity to learn new approaches or solutions from each other. The 2021 edition of our FM & Hybrid Office conference will aim to interpret past and present in an effort to paint a picture of the future in the most important segments of the property market. 

Join us in coming up with solutions to the operation and management of the office and property market of the future! Nobody else will do it for us! 


In 2021, we are offering all visitors to our conferences, new or old, a more flexible ticket purchase system than ever before. Depending on the pandemic situation and the related legal regulation in effect, we are offering online, offline and hybrid events to our customers. Are you unsure how the current situation will develop, or if you are free the day of a given Portfolio event? We will adapt to you.
You may change the type of your purchased ticket, i.e. the mode of your participation, on one occasion at least 10 days before the event. To do so, please let us know at rendezveny@portfolio.hu.
Changing from online to offline ticket:
On-site tickets cost more, so you will need to pay extra to make this change.
Changing from offline to online ticket:
Virtual tickets are cheaper, so we will refund you the difference after the event.

Secure your spot now and make the decision later! We will adapt to you.

Our Sponsors

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B+N Referencia Zrt.

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Sustainability partner

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The sponsor of maximum health and safety


Let’s watch out for each other!

Please follow our safety instructions

  • Please keep 1,5 m distance from others!
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly!
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer!
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw it out and wash your hands!
  • Avoid handshakes, greet with elbow bumps!
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask during the conference!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Let’s be safe together!

We are looking out for you!

We ensure maximum safety of our events!

  • The number of attendees at our events are limited
  • Ozone air disinfection method is used in conference rooms
  • Disinfection and air purifier machine is operated during the whole day
  • Contactless, safe entry is guaranteed by QR code
  • Body temperature is checked with thermal imaging camera at entrance
  • Staff and hostesses are wearing masks and working in gloves at all times
  • Hand sanitizer and masks are provided for our attendees
  • Seating arrangements made with the appropriate distance

IMPORTANT NOTE: We care about our guests and care about safety!

Of course, we must keep in mind that we are living in the shadow of the coronavirus and will continue to do so not just this autumn but probably for the next year or two. As such, the Portfolio team is preparing not just a professional programme but also well-considered safety measures devised with the cooperation of experts.

We will take care of

  • Konica Minolta IoT heat cameras at entrance to guarantee the highest safety and health of participants
  • contactless, safe entry;
  • suitable seating;
  • online presentations by foreign speakers;
  • a potential cap on the number of visitors;
  • and other event management and safety solutions.

In addition, on-site services such as safe catering will be provided by the ultra-premium event locations we have been working with for years. Being part of recognised five-star franchises, these locations take extra care to ensure the safety of their guests as well as ours.

Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Representatives of the FM / PM / AM segment,
  • consultants,
  • developers,
  • owners,
  • architects and engineers,
  • investors,
  • financers,
  • proptech firms,
  • property valuers,
  • lawyers,
  • urban planners.

The following companies participated in last year’s conference

AddVal Kft.    B&V GROUP Zrt.    B+N Referencia Zrt.    Baranyai Péter ev    BME    Építészmérnöki Kar    Építéstechnológia és Építésmenedzsment Tanszék     Budapest Főváros Vagyonkezelő Központ Zrt.    Budpesti Metropolitan Egyetem    CA Immo Hungary Kft.    CBRE Hungary    Central European University    City Cartel Buda Kft.    Clue PR Kft.    Coaching Team Kft.    Codic Hungary Kft.    Cofely Kft.    Colliers Magyarország Kft.    Colliers Real Estate Management Services (REMS)    Corvin Corner Ingatlanfejlszető Kft.    CPI Facility Management Kft.    CTP Management Hungary Kft.    Cushman & Wakefield Kft.    Decor Floor Kft.    Diófa Ingatlankezelő Kft.    Dome Facility Services Group Kft.    Dunativ FM Kft.    Embassy of Canada    Ericsson Magyarország     Estinga Kft.    ESTON International Zrt.    First facility Ingatlankezelő Kft.    Forestay Group    FŐTÁV Zrt.    Future FM - HR üzletág    FUTUREAL Management Kft.    G-Green Interior kft.    Gránit Pólus    Grant Thornton Valuation Kft.    GTC Real Estate Development Hungary Zrt.    IDPM Consultant Kft.    I-HÍD Kft.    Immofinanz Services Hungary Kft.    Imones Kft.    Indotek Group    In-Management Kft.    ITM    Energiaügyekért és Klímapolitikáért felelős Államtitkárság     Kermann Műszaki Fejlesztő és Tanácsadó Kft.    KÉSZ Development    KÉSZ Ingatlan Kft.    KORONA TAKARÉK Takarékszövetkezet    KPMG Legal Tóásó Ügyvédi Iroda    KRAFT FM Üzemeltetési és Szolgáltató Kft.    KUKA Hungária Kft.    Leadec Kft.    Lechner Tudásközpont    Leo    Magyar Suzuki Zrt.    Magyar Telekom Nyrt.    MasterClean Kft.    MINERVA Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.    Nemzeti Eszközkezelő Zrt.    Nemzeti Sportközpontok    NIPÜF Zrt.    OFFISEVEN    Opinion Builders Kft.    Optima Befektetési    Ingatlanhasznosító és Szolgáltató Zrt    OrthoGraph    Paulinyi-Reith & Partners Zrt.    Phlegon Consult Kft.    Plan 66 Kft.    Portico Investments Kft.    Property Forum    Property Market Kft.    Raiffeisen Ingatlan Alap    Realiscon Kft.    Record Ajtó Kft.    RedWood Real Estate Holding    Regio Játék    Regus Hungary    Roland Divatház Zrt.    Római Irodaház Kft.    S IMMO APM Hungary Kft.    SmartFM Ingatlanüzemeltető Kft.    STOP.SHOP. Magyarország    STRABAG Property and Facility Services Zrt.    TriGranit    Triokon Kft.    UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.    Városliget Zrt.    Vektor RH Kft.    VintoCON Kft.    WELL AP TM és LEED Green Associate tanácsadó...


Organisation, general questions

Fruzsina Koncsek
  • Fruzsina Koncsek
  • Event Organiser
  • Phone: +36 1 327 4086
  • Email:


Attila Bacsa
  • Attila Bacsa
  • Key-Account manager
  • Phone: +36-30-650-9833
  • Email:


Gergely Ditróy
  • Gergely Ditróy
  • Email:
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