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HR Revolution 2021

Date: 1st June 2021  

Location: Budapest


  • Current issues, challenges and possible solutions in the labour market
  • Organisation development and planning the HR budget – Striking a strategic balance among the trinity of workforce, wages and work schedule
  • Atypical forms of employment after the pandemic: home office, flexible hours, etc.
  • Group work, mobile work, home office – What practices and technologies can help organise workflow?
  • Recruitment trends and strategies after the COVID crisis
  • Onboarding in the new age – Situations and practices
  • The office of the future: what makes a productive employee?
  • Creating an experience from recruitment to exiting – Opportunities and solutions for devising an experience-centered employee journey Burn-out – The new endemic disease in focus
  • How can well-being become a corporate strategy?

Why you should come?

Because it is one of the most prominent labour and HR conferences in Hungary; Portfolio's HR Revolution is a meeting place for the HR specialist, middle and top managers of the best known Hungarian businesses. And if it's not enough...

Red alert! A new front may be opening in Hungarian workplaces. Like it or not, the coronavirus pandemic will stay with us this year, and the flickering light at the end of the tunnel will bring new challenges in addition to the much-awaited sigh of relief. While last year, almost everyone managed to mount the hurdles with some degree of success, even making substantial headway in areas such as atypical forms of employment or digitalisation, the return to normal will not be without hiccups, either. All the more so because evaluation of the measures hastily introduced is yet to be completed, and the upcoming reopening currently presents serious challenges to business decision-makers, so HR professionals will have to provide clear support.

It's time to face the music: the characteristics of today's labour market require a completely different approach and much bigger flexibility from employers than before. The businesses that emerge stronger from these circumstances will be the ones that are the first to recognise how serious the situation is and the first to come up with unconventional employment solutions. Today, these require measurable results, which in turn rely on a completely new approach. The conference aims to provide help to executives in re-planning the most important HR processes. At present it is a key issue when and how work begins on tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, staff retention, talent management, work organisation or the development of the employer's brand.


In 2021, we are offering all visitors to our conferences, new or old, a more flexible ticket purchase system than ever before. Depending on the pandemic situation and the related legal regulation in effect, we are offering online, offline and hybrid events to our customers. Are you unsure how the current situation will develop, or if you are free the day of a given Portfolio event? We will adapt to you.
You may change the ticket you buy on one occasion until 10 days before the event, including the preferred method of participation. In this case, just write an email to rendezveny@portfolio.hu and let us know.
Example 1: From Online to Offline On-site tickets cost more, so you will need to pay extra to make this change.
Example 2: Form Offline to Online: Virtual tickets are cheaper, so we will refund you the difference after the event.
Secure your spot now and make the decision later! We will adapt to you.

Our Sponsors

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The sponsor of maximum health and safety

Information about online participation

Online conference with extras! Unique networking opportunities, live contact, private video calls, interactive rooms, professional sections – the only thing missing is clinking glasses in person. Online tickets are available in unlimited numbers.

To participate, all you need is the following:

  • Chrome web browser and a stable internet connection
  • a computer or smart device (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device)
  • the virtual venue of the conference will be hosted on an online conference platform
  • we will send you a link to enter in the days preceding the event
  • you can join in after a quick registration

In case of any technical problems during entry to the event or during the discussion, please write us an email to rendezveny@portfolio.hu.

To view the technical requirements for viewing the conference online, click here.

Information about physical participation

IMPORTANT NOTE: We care about our guests and care about safety!

Of course, we must keep in mind that we are living in the shadow of the coronavirus and will continue to do so probably for the next year or two. As such, the Portfolio team is preparing not just a professional programme but also well-considered safety measures devised with the cooperation of experts.

We will take care of

  • Konica Minolta IoT heat cameras at entrance to guarantee the highest safety and health of participants
  • contactless, safe entry;
  • suitable seating;
  • online presentations by foreign speakers;
  • a potential cap on the number of visitors;
  • and other event management and safety solutions.

In addition, on-site services such as safe catering will be provided by the ultra-premium event locations we have been working with for years. Being part of recognised five-star franchises, these locations take extra care to ensure the safety of their guests as well as ours.


Let’s watch out for each other!

Please follow our safety instructions

  • Please keep 1,5 m distance from others!
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly!
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer!
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw it out and wash your hands!
  • Avoid handshakes, greet with elbow bumps!
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask during the conference!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Let’s be safe together!

We are looking out for you!

We ensure maximum safety of our events!

  • The number of attendees at our events are limited
  • Ozone air disinfection method is used in conference rooms
  • Disinfection and air purifier machine is operated during the whole day
  • Contactless, safe entry is guaranteed by QR code
  • Body temperature is checked with thermal imaging camera at entrance
  • Staff and hostesses are wearing masks and working in gloves at all times
  • Hand sanitizer and masks are provided for our attendees
  • Seating arrangements made with the appropriate distance

Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Executives
  • HR managers
  • HR specialists (recruitment, training, remuneration)
  • Labour law professionals

The following companies participated in last year’s conference

Active Solution Kft.    Adecco    Agrosprint Zrt.    AKA Alföld Koncessziós Zrt.    Aon Magyarország Kft.    Arthur Hunt    Balatoni Hajózási Zrt.    BCG    BEKO Engineering Kft.    Bonafarm Zrt.    Bondweaver Hálózatelemző Kft.    Bosch Rexroth Kft.    Boston Consulting Group    Brick Magic    Budapest Airport Zrt.    Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem Pénzügyi és Számviteli Kar    C Automobil Import Kft.    Castíz Present Kft.    CEGOS Zrt.    Chemark Zrt.    Chocorino Kft.    CIB Bank    Colibri HR Solutions    Cpl Jobs Kft.    CRITERION Biztonságtechnikai Zrt.    CROWN Magyarország Kft.    Dare to change Kft.    DENSO Gyártó Magyarország Kft.    Dm Kft.    Dr. Rose Magánkórház Kft.    Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt.    DSV Hungária Szállítmányozási Kft.DSV Solutions Hungary Kft.    E.ON Hungária Zrt.    Elanders Hungary Kft.    Emil Frey Magyarország Kft.    Erse Bank Hungary    ESAB Kft.    Extrema Hungary Kft.    Fémalk Zrt.    Férfiak Klubja    Focus Consulting Kft.    FORTREX Kft.    Főtáv Zrt.    Fundamenta    Grabarics Építőipari Kft.    GRABOPLAST Padlógyártó Zrt.    Gránit Pólus Management Zrt.    Greensearch Kft.    Hammel & Hochreiter Kft.    Hanon Systems Hungary Kft.    Hilti    Hps Trade Kft.    Hps Work Kft.    HR Partner Consulting Kft.    HSA Recruitment Kft.    Hungarian Alliance Logistics Kft.    Integra Consulting Zrt.    Ital Magyarország Kft.    Jacobs Douwe Egberts HU Zrt.     JOB Kft.    Korn/Ferry Kft.    KPMG Hungaria    KPMG Legal Tóásó Ügyvédi Iroda    Kürt Akadémia    Lapker Zrt.    Libri-Bookline Zrt.    Magyar Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara    Magyar Lapterjesztő Zrt.    Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat Egyesület    Magyar Nemzeti Bank    Magyar Suzuki Zrt.    Magyar Telekom Nyrt.    Magyarmet Kft.    ManpowerGroup Hungary    Market Építő Zrt.    Mars Magyarország Kisállateledel Gyártó Kft.    MARSO Kft.    MERKBAU Kft.    MetLife Magyarország és Bulgária    Milton Friedman Egyetem    Mindset Pszichológia szakmai közösség    Mindset Pszichológia Terápiás és Tanácsadó Központ    Miniszterelnökség    MOL Magyar Olaj-és Gázipari Nyrt.    MONTIVÍZ Zrt.    MP Solutions Kft.    Mylan Kft.    Nem Adjuk Fel Szociális Szövetkezet    Nemzeti Adó- és Vámhivatal    Nestlé Hungária Kft.    Nordconn International Kft.    OnTarget Kft.    Openhouse / Nyitott Ház Kft.    OTP Bank    Papyrus Hungária Zrt.    P Automobil Import Kft.    Phoenix Contact Kft.    Praktiker Kft.    Primőr Kozmetikai Kft.    PwC Könyvvizsgáló Kft.    PwC Magyarország Kft.    Rábalux Group    Raiffeisen Bank    Randstad Hungary Kft.    Rawson Consulting Kft.    Republic Group Kft.    Richter Gedeon Nyrt.    Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Kft.    Simonyi és Tóth Kft.    SK Battery Hungary Kft.    Smart Specialist Zrt.    SmartScale    SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft.    Sparq    Stelius Zrt.    Taképszolg Kft.    Talentuno    Telkes Consulting    The WorkLife Company    Tisza Cipő Csoport    Value 4 Real Kft.    Videoton Holding Zrt.    VLK Cresa    VSSB Zrt.    Work Force Kft.    Y2Y Business Coaching    Zyntern


Organisation, general questions

Andrea Barabás
  • Andrea Barabás
  • Phone: +36 1 646 4383
  • Email:


Péter Mihály
  • Péter Mihály
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Phone: +36-70-544-0164
  • Email:


Bálint Nagy
  • Bálint Nagy
  • Phone: 06-1/472-2093 / 33
  • Email:
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