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Clean Energy & Disruptive Trends Summit 2018

Date: 7th June 2018  

Location: Europa Congress Center


  • How will the technological revolution disrupt the energy sector? Who will have a place in Hungary's energy economy 20 years from now?
  • Consumer to customer, energy company to service provider – changing expectations and corporate reactions; A new type of customer experience
  • Opportunities and challenges of the digital transition; Blockchain and the EU's data protection directive (GDPR)
  • The expected outcome of the decentralization trend; Will small and large power plants be able to operate alongside each other in the future?
  • Energy industry smartening up as smart solution spread
  • Startups and innovative new players in the industry
  • Competitors or natural complementors - the future of renewable energy and natural gas
  • New developments in EU and Hungarian regulations

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Beöthy Ákos
senior research associate
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research
speaker image
Drácz Dániel
Senior consultant, Digital consulting services
Deloitte Hungary
speaker image
Dr. Erdős Gábor
Partner, Head of Deloitte Legal
Deloitte Legal Erdős és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda
speaker image
Fazekas Imre
NLV8 Technologies
speaker image
Dr. Grabner Péter
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority
speaker image
Hiezl Gábor
MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt.
speaker image
Horváth Péter
Chief Executive in Office
Dunamenti Power Plant
speaker image
Koncz Péter Ákos
Digital Officer
NKM National Utilities
speaker image
Kovács Levente
Partner, energy market specialist
speaker image
Mező Csaba
Deloitte Zrt.
speaker image
Dr. Molnár Imre
Portfolio Director
MVM Zrt.
speaker image
Nyirő Ferenc
Industrial Digitalization Business Unit Manager
Kontron Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Christian Redl PhD
Senior Associate, European Energy Cooperation
Agora Energiewende
speaker image
Sverla Viktor
Head of Group Strategy
MOL Group
speaker image
Szabó István
Senior Sector Engineer
European Investment Bank
speaker image
Szabó László
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK)
speaker image
Szolnoki Ádám
MANAP Industry Association
speaker image
Tőkei Szabolcs
Business Unit Leader
speaker image
Tőzsér Áron
Director, Oil&Gas, Power&Utilities
Microsoft Hungary
speaker image
Vinkovits András
Chairman & CEO
Budapesti Erőmű Zrt.

Why you should come?

The focus of this year's event will be on major trends and happenings in the energy industry that sometimes complement, while at other times contradict, each other but have turned the industry upside down, and have disproved theories taken for granted for the past several decades. As usual, the key processes, their expected outcomes and any related questions will be explained and answered by professionals with substantial industry experience.

Attendees registering for the event can gain an insight into how the energy transition could reshape the Hungarian energy industry over the next couple of years. As for so-called disruptive technologies, we will talk about the issues of digital transition; about the innovative new players entering the market, from fintech companies to car makers; about the industry's ongoing decentralization process and its expected outcome; about how to meet changing customer expectations; and about how the domestic and regional regulatory environment is changing, about investment and financing opportunities in Hungary and the CEE region, and about the increasing significance of smart solutions.



Agora Energiewende, Best Energy Trade Kft., Budapesti Erőmű Zrt., Central European University, Deloitte Zrt., E.On Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati ZRt., E.ON Hungária Zrt., E2 Hungary Zrt., Electron Holding Zrt., ELMŰ Nyrt., Energia Forrás Ügynökség Kft., EnHome, Észak-Budai Zrt., Európai Beruházási Bank, FGSZ Zrt., First Solar Kft., GDF SUEZ Energia Holding Hungary Zrt., Greenland Kft., GTJ, ING Bank N.V., Innovációs és Technológiai Minisztérium, KAF Zrt., Magyar Energetikai és Közmű-szabályozási Hivatal, Magyar Földgázkereskedő Zrt., Magyar Földgáztároló Zrt., Magyar Nemzeti Bank, MANAP Iparági Egyesület, Manitu Solar Kft., MAVIR ZRt., MET Power, MFB Zrt., Microsoft Magyarország, Miniszterelnökség, MOL Nyrt., MTA KRTK Világgazdasági Intézet, MVM OVIT Zrt., MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt., MVM Partner Zrt., NFM, NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt., PannErgy Nyrt., ProLife Events Kft., Regionális Energiagazdasági Kutatóközpont (REKK), Roland Berger Kft., S&T Consulting Hungary Kft., Siemens Zrt., SiMentat Kft., Standardsolar Kft., Upwards Motion, Veolia Energia Magyarország Zrt., White Paper Consulting Kft...

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Who we recommend

  • Energy companies
  • Investors and investment funds, venture capital companies
  • Representatives of the credit intermediation market,
  • Consultants, Lawyers
  • Industrial customers
  • Contractors

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Clean Energy & Disruptive Trends Summit 2018


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