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Clean Energy & Disruptive Trends Summit 2019

Date: 4th June 2019   Location: Europa Congress Center

  • Preparing for the post-coal era: where do the increasing sustainability requirements of customers and investors lead?
  • What are the most urgent challenges facing Hungarian energy companies?
  • How far can the new electrification go?
  • Outlook for the Hungarian renewables sector
  • Investment opportunities and requirements in the Hungarian energy industry
  • The most urgent challenges facing domestic energy companies
  • How to exploit the potential inherent in digitalisation?
  • Changes in European Union and Hungarian regulations and subsidies and the consequences of these changes
  • Trends, forecasts, visions; or how to create a strategy?
  • A neglected area: energy efficiency

Our speakers among others

speaker image
Route 4U
(to be confirmed)
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média Zrt. (Portfolio)
speaker image
Corinne Bendersky
Associate Director, Sustainable Finance, Corporate & Infrastructure Ratings
S&P Global Ratings
speaker image
Bertalan Zsolt
technológiai innovációs igazgató
MVM Zrt.
speaker image
Borvendégh Norbert
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority
speaker image
Buday-Malik Adrienn
fejlesztési igazgató
ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft.
speaker image
ifj. Chikán Attila
speaker image
Dr. Czipf Csongor
Managing Director
Cothec Kft.
speaker image
Felsmann Balázs
senior research associate
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Chairman of the Hungarian Energy Traders’ Association
speaker image
Hlavay Richárd
energy expert
Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator, Bricks Magic
speaker image
Hódos Ferenc
Strategic director
Pannonia Ethanol
speaker image
Eva Hoos
Policy Officer
European Commission, DG ENERGY
speaker image
Dr. Kaderják Péter
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy
Ministry for Innovation and Technologies
speaker image
Koritár Zsuzsanna
Delegated representative
(to be confirmed)
speaker image
Kovács Csaba
KPMG Energy and Utilities Advisory Services
speaker image
Kovács Zoltán
Managing Director
Rekontir BPM Kft.
speaker image
Dr. Mokry Tamás
Managing Director, Owner
Tiszta Energiák Kft.
speaker image
Molnár Attila
Secretary General
speaker image
Papp Bernadett
Senior Market Analyst
Vertis Zrt.
speaker image
Rohács József
speaker image
Szabó László
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK)
speaker image
Szolnoki Ádám
MANAP Industry Association
speaker image
Tóth András István
Deputy Managing Director
E.ON Energiakereskedelmi Kft.
speaker image
Trombitás Zoltán
Energy Efficiency and Renewables Financing Programme - Project Leader
Head of EU Office at Erste Bank Hungary
speaker image
Matthias Woitok
Head of Division, Central and South-Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Northern Europe
European Investment Bank
speaker image
Zsótér Márton
Energy, infrastructure and transportation advisory, KPMG Advisory ltd.

Why you should come?

This year's event will focus on the most exciting trends, solutions and technologies that have forced the hand of the Hungarian energy industry but have also opened up new opportunities. Our conference will seek to answer not only how to remain standing amidst fast-changing conditions, but also hoe businesses can turn the transition to their advantage. Just as in earlier years, the radical changes affecting domestic energy companies, customers and new entrants to the energy industry, as well as the expected effects of these changes, will be presented and analysed by renowned experts of the topics in question.

Participants will be informed about the most urgent tasks facing companies as well as the latest and most important international and domestic developments affecting the energy industry, including recent and upcoming regulatory changes, the revamped renewable energy subsidy system, and the opportunities inherent in electrification, digitalisation and other new technologies. The conference will also cover how the increasing sustainability expectations of investors could affect the future of energy supply and what R&D opportunities the transition presents; what direction changing customer expectations and the appearance of the latest customer solutions are pointing to; and how it is possible and beneficial to not only prepare for upcoming changes but to meet them halfway.



Agora Energiewende, Best Energy Trade Kft., Budapesti Erőmű Zrt., Central European University, Deloitte Legal Erdős és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda, Deloitte Magyarország, Deloitte Zrt., E.ON Energiakereskedelmi Kft., E.On Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt., E.ON Hungária Zrt., E2 Hungary Zrt., EBK Hungary Kft., Electron Holding Zrt., ELMŰ Nyrt., Energetikai Szakkollégium, EnHome, Erste Bank, Észak-Budai Zrt., Euronergy Zeta Kft., Európai Beruházási Bank, EVK Szakkollégium, EY, FGSZ Zrt., First Solar Kft., Földgázszállító Zrt., Főtáv Zrt., GDF SUEZ Energia Holding Hungary Zrt., GOLDER Associates (Magyarország) Zrt., Greenland Kft., Grund-Center Kft., ING Bank N.V., InnoEnergy Hub Hungary, KAF Zrt., Keler Zrt., Lechner Nonprofit Kft., Magyar Energetikai és Közmű-szabályozási Hivatal, Magyar Földgázkereskedő Zrt., Magyar Földgáztároló Zrt., Magyar Napelem Napkollektor szövetség, Magyar Nemzeti Bank, MANAP Iparági Egyesület, Manitu Solar Kft., MAVIR Zrt., MET Magyarország Zrt., MET Power, MFB Zrt., Microsoft, Miniszterelnökség, MOL Magyar Olaj- és Gázipari Nyrt., MOL Solar Investment Kft., MOL-csoport, MTA KRTK Világgazdasági Intézet, MVM OVIT Zrt., MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt., MVM Partner Zrt., MVM Zrt., Nextent Informatikai Zrt., NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt., NLV8 Technologies, OMEXOM Magyarország Kft., PannErgy Nyrt., Pearl Enterprises Kft., Phlegon Consult Kft., Regionális Energiagazdasági Kutatóközpont (REKK), REKK Alapítvány, River Commodity GmbH, Roland Berger Kft., S&T Consulting Hungary Kft., Saphire Sustainable Development Zrt., Siemens Zrt., SiMentat Kft., Smart Future Lab Zrt., Stratlog Kft., Sun Harvest Kft., Takarékbank Zrt., Veolia Energia Magyarország Zrt., White Paper Consulting Kft.

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  • Energy companies
  • Investors and investment funds, venture capital companies
  • Representatives of the credit intermediation market,
  • Consultants, Lawyers
  • Industrial customers
  • Contractors


Clean Energy & Disruptive Trends Summit 2018



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