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Energy Investment Forum 2018

Date: 6th November 2018   Location: Marriott Hotel

  • Paks 2 investment levels up – The latest news on the expansion of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and new opportunities for suppliers
  • In a growth race – New consolidation period in the European energy industry
  • Can Hungary become self-sufficient or a net exporter of electricity?
  • Pressure to invest and investment opportunities in the Hungarian energy industry
  • M&A among companies in the Hungarian energy industry
  • Towards a unified European energy market – Changes in the EU's energy policy and regulations
  • Solar: yes, geothermal: no? – Do we have to speed up the energy transition in Hungary? If so, how?
  • Nearing an oil peak, or the outlook for traditional energy sources in energy supply
  • Hungary as a natural gas distribution hub? Domestic ambitions and room to manoeuvre in attempting to gain a leading role in the regional gas market
  • Possible role of LNG in the domestic gas supply

Our speakers among others

speaker image
dr. Aszódi Attila
Government Commissioner responsible for maintaining the capacity of the Paks Atomic Power Station
speaker image
Daniel Babinski
Energy Officer
U.S. Embassy Budapest
speaker image
Bács Zalán
Rosatom Central Europe (Hungary)
speaker image
Balog Róbert
Head of Department
speaker image
Boross Norbert
speaker image
Borsányi Zsolt
Gas portfolio management director
Elmű-Émász Energiakereskedő Kft.
speaker image
ifj. Chikán Attila
speaker image
Czinege Kornél
Chief Executive Officer
MVM Partner Ltd.
speaker image
Dinh Tamás
Senior Manager
KPMG Advisory ltd.
speaker image
Farkas Edit
Department of Natural Gas Supervision and Price Regulation
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority
speaker image
Felsmann Balázs
senior research associate
Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Chairman of the Hungarian Energy Traders’ Association
speaker image
Hall Cecília
Head of business developement & marketing
KONsys Kft.
speaker image
Hlavay Richárd
energy expert
Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator, Bricks Magic
speaker image
Dr. Kaderják Péter
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy
Ministry for Innovation and Technologies
speaker image
Kiss Attila
E.ON Hungária Zrt.
speaker image
Dr. Légrádi Gergely
Lawyer, Partner
Oppenheim Ügyvédi Iroda
speaker image
Ságodi Attila
partner, Head of Sector Government, Infrastructure, Energy & Utilities
speaker image
Sum János
MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt.
speaker image
Szabó Gergely
Regional Chairman
MET Central Europe
speaker image
Szokodi Gábor
Business Development Advisor
FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.
speaker image
Tilesch Péter
Head of Department
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, Department of Electricity Supervision and Price Regulation
speaker image
Tóth Péter
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
CEEGEX Central Eastern European Gas Exchange Ltd.
speaker image
Tóth András István
Deputy Managing Director
E.ON Energiakereskedelmi Kft.
speaker image
Trombitás Zoltán
Energy Efficiency and Renewables Financing Programme - Project Leader
Head of EU Office at Erste Bank Hungary

Why you should come?

As one of Hungary's leading investment-focused energy conferences, this fall's event will be centred around the consolidation process seen recently in the European and domestic energy industries and the most important consequences of this process regarding Hungarian energy companies. As usual at Portfolio's professional events, participants will receive valuable and detailed information from esteemed industry professionals on the most relevant and timely developments and trends concerning energy industry players.

The conference will aim to answer a series of questions, including: the feasibility of the Hungarian government's plans to become a regional natural as distribution hub; the prospects of the new wave of consolidation just now beginning in the European and domestic energy industry and the opportunities this brings; the latest opportunities the Paks 2 project offers to Hungarian suppliers; the expected future of the market for oil and other fossil energy sources; the latest developments in the EU and Hungarian regulatory environments; the expected future of the Hungarian renewable energy market; or whether Hungary can become self-sufficient or even a net exporter of electricity.

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The Portfolio conferences are highly renowned for their great opportunities of networking and building business relationships, merely not just giving new professional knowledge. Our aim is not to have a one time occasion event, but creating a yearly international interactive forum about the changes of the market.

Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Energy companies
  • Banks
  • Lawyers
  • Industrial customers
  • Regulatory and supervisory bodies
  • Consultants
  • Investors and investment funds, venture capital companies
  • Professional associations
  • Contractors


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