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Insurance 2019

Date: 5th March 2019   Location: New York Palace Budapest

  • Roundtable for insurance executives – How to go on, insurance market?
  • The operating environment of insurers – How's the macro?
  • The self-reliance and pension markets in transition – What is left for insurers?
  • Private healthcare boom – How about insurers' slice of the cake?
  • Climate change increasingly spectacular – How does this affect insurers?
  • Landslide in the insurance broker market: Is non-life the future?
  • Insurtech in Hungary – What brings the money?

Our speakers among others

speaker image
Almássy Gabriella
Member of the Board
UNION Biztosító
speaker image
Baittrok Borbála
Head of Department
Gemius Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média Zrt. (Portfolio)
speaker image
Baranyai Dávid
Board Member, Sales and Distribution Director
NN Biztosító
speaker image
Bartók János
Duna Medical Center Group
speaker image
Bitay Balázs
Senior Consultant and Partner
Virgo Agilizer
speaker image
Busa Zoltán
CIG Pannónia Első Magyar Általános Biztosító
speaker image
Czene Árpád
Product Development Manager
NN Biztosító
speaker image
Dr. Csurgó Ottó
Managing Director
Cseri és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda
speaker image
Dr. Farkas András
Founder - Editor in chief
NyugdíjGuru News
speaker image
Fazekas Ferenc
Uniqa Biztosító
speaker image
Gaál Csaba
Private Quality Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt.
speaker image
Hetesi Zsolt
Senior Research Fellow
National University of Public Service
speaker image
Ipacs László
Head of Department
National Bank of Hungary
speaker image
Dr. Kádár Gabriella
CIG Pannónia
speaker image
Karai Gábor
Managing Director
Advance Medical
speaker image
Kaszab Attila
Deputy CEO
K&H Biztosító
speaker image
Daniel Kempchen
Deputy General Manager, Board Member
speaker image
Dr. Kincses Gyula
Professional Consultant
Former Chief Director of ESKI
speaker image
Kisbenedek Péter
President and CEO
Allianz Hungária
speaker image
Kovach Anton
speaker image
Kuruc Péter
Head of Department
K&H Biztosító
speaker image
Lányi András
Chairman of the Board
UFS Group
speaker image
McKinsey delegált képviselője
(under confirmation)
speaker image
Molnár Balázs
Business Development Director
Formula / 400 Kft.
speaker image
Oláh Attila
Head of Risk and Life Insurance
Groupama Biztosító
speaker image
Palkó István
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Pandurics Anett
Posta Biztosító (Chairman-CEO)
MABISZ (Chairman)
speaker image
Póczik András
Association of Independent Insurance Brokers in Hungary
speaker image
Raveczky Zsolt
Board Member
speaker image
Bernard Retali
President LIMRA Europe, Africa & Middle East
INOV Finance
speaker image
Marta Romejko
Market Underwriter
Swiss Re
speaker image
Sebestyén László
speaker image
Dr. Szebelédi Ferenc
Head of Department
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
speaker image
Újlaki Ákos
Project Leader
Boston Consulting Group
speaker image
Dr. Urbán Viktor
Insurwiz Kft.

Why you should come?

The domestic market of pension savings is in transition, the Hungarian private healthcare sector is collecting ever more revenue, and climate change is increasingly palpable in the world, while insurtech is transforming more and more insurance processes from sales to claim settlement. Changes in the market, legal and technological environment of Hungarian insurers offer timely topics for debate within the industry, and many of these will be discussed at Portfolio's Insurance 2019 conference in early March. Quality talks providing useful information to insurance professionals, as well as exciting panel discussions, make out event unique among finance conferences.

Our Sponsors


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Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • CEOs,
  • Product developers,
  • Professionals responsible for sales,
  • Agents, brokers, financial advisors,
  • Employees of the insurance law and taxation sector,
  • IT-professionals,
  • Professionals employed by other participants of the financial sector.



István Palkó


Judit Lippai
Csilla Kiss

Organisation, general questions

Krisztina Kovács-Kopp
Kata Tóth
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