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Construction Industry 2024

Date: 21st March 2024  

Location: Hotel InterContinental Budapest


  • Construction and public investment– Where are we with the new laws?
  • Is EU money coming to boost development?
  • Construction materials – Is domestic ownership on the rise!?
  • Is sustainability inevitable?
  • Prices, demand, supply. How will the market react?
  • What did Hungarian and international economic adjustments bring?
  • Is the new, digital world coming? – powered by ConTech 2024
  • Is the decade of renovations underway?
  • Property panorama – How large is the market demand?
  • Education – Are we stagnating, or has transformation started?

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Alföldi György DLA
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, The Faculty of Arhitecture
speaker image
Banai Ádám PhD, MRICS
Executive director for monetary policy instruments, financial stability and foreign reserve management
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
speaker image
Barts J. Balázs
Budapest Főváros Vagyonkezelő Központ Zrt.
speaker image
Prof. Dr. Boros Anita
Head of the Analysis Centre
Centre for Circular Economy Analysis and Knowledge founded by Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences (MATE)
speaker image
Buday-Malik Adrienn
Deputy-CEO of Innovation
ÉMI Nonprofit Kft.
speaker image
Csipszer Zoltán
Ventilation Division Manager
speaker image
Ditróy Gergely
Business Development Director
speaker image
Futó Péter
speaker image
Gegesi Kiss Tamás
Managing Director
Gépész Centrál Kft.
speaker image
Gombkötő Emma
Gen Z Fest project leader, photojournalist
speaker image
Jákli Gergely
CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant
speaker image
Joó István
speaker image
Kiss Gábor
Managing Director
Metrodom Kivitelező Kft.
speaker image
Kiss Ákos
Property Market
speaker image
Koji László
speaker image
Kozák Ákos PhD
Partner, Director of Business Relations
Egyensúly Intézet
speaker image
Lánszki Regő
State Secretary for Architecture
Ministry of Construction and Investment
speaker image
Lázár János
Construction and Transport Minister
Construction and Transport Ministry

(To be confirmed)

speaker image
Dr. Lovas Tamás
Head of Department
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
speaker image
Madár István
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Massányi Tibor
Managing Partner
DVM group Kft.
speaker image
Nagy Gergely
Corporate Regional Manager
OTP Bank Nyrt.
speaker image
Nyul Zoltán
Deputy State Secretary
Ministry of Construction and Transport
speaker image
Orosz Márton
Director of Content Development
Portfolio Csoport and Portfolio Podcast Lab
speaker image
Papp Gábor
Chief Executive Officer
Stratos Magasépítő Zrt.
speaker image
Papp Péter
Flow Consulting Kft.
speaker image
Pásztor Roxána
Sustainability Project Leader
speaker image
Reicher Péter
Country Manager
Graphisoft SE
speaker image
Scheer Sándor
Market Építő Zrt.
speaker image
Serdült Sándor
Layher Kft.
speaker image
Székely Ádám
Managing Director, Owner
speaker image
Dr Takács Ernő
Deputy CEO
WING Zrt., IFK Chairman
speaker image
Vatai Krisztián
FDB-Projekt Kft.
speaker image
Wagner Ernő
Magyar Mérnöki Kamara

Why you should come?

We have reached a new level! Our “Portfolio Construction Industry” conference has become perhaps the most important business meeting of the domestic construction industry to be held for the sixth time in 2024 with the participation and support of the key players of the industry. At the event, we will discuss the most burning and current financial, business, regulatory and efficiency questions with the sector’s influencers. The “Construction Industry 2024” conference is not only an all-day professional and opinion leader forum but one of the most efficient meeting places for business networking for industry players, where, in addition to presenting the market’s future, we offer an informal evening standing reception for guests.
In addition to the professional and content appearance in the conference’s programme, we offer our partners the possibility to present themselves to the more than 500 leading construction industry players attending the event with an experience-based or product presentation interface, stand, or service. 
We must create quality foundations now! Let’s continue building the domestic construction industry together even in difficult times!
Don’t miss out on the award ceremony! Join the post-conference event with a standing reception, networking, gin bar and informal professional discussions. Let’s celebrate the domestic construction industry together!


Download the Portfolio Events mobile app where you can find Portfolio’s professional events in one app, personalised for you. You can access the event’s detailed programme, the list of participants, and your conference ticket, among other things. We even offer a virtual business card exchange. How? The QR code on the badge is your personalised online business card - scan each other's QR codes and you can keep in touch after the conference. Profession, experience, networking. Install with QR-code from desktop >>

Who we recommend

  • Key players in the construction industry,
  • The country’s leading building and civil engineering companies,
  • Real estate developers,
  • Financiers, banks, insurers,
  • Designers, architects, engineers,
  • Service providers supporting the construction industry,
  • Those manufacturing and trading construction materials and raw material,
  • Institutional and private investors,
  • Advisors,
  • Lawyers, legal practitioners,
  • FM, PM, AM segment representatives,
  • Local government leaders,
  • Real estate decision-makers, professionals, and managers,
  • and those who wish to broaden their network of contacts in their profession and the connected areas and are looking for business networking possibilities

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