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Portfolio Property X 2022

Date: 8th - 9th June 2022  

Location: Anna Grand Hotel, Balatonfüred


  • Are the foundations stable or shaky?
  • ESG on each level
  • Is the Hungarian real estate market inflation- and crisis-proof?
  • Now is the time to collaborate and build together – Real Estate X Building industry X Financing
  • What is driving the major market players now?
  • X-industrial and X-sectorial professional discussions
  • There is no plan B! – The real estate market as the key to the climate crisis
  • Digitalisation - PropTech – Is it finally turning everything upside down?
  • Future of Work
  • Value and estimate – Have we re-priced yet?
  • Sustainable investments in reality

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Acsai Péter
üzleti adatelemzési vezető
Market Építő Zrt.
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média Zrt. (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
Banai Ádám PhD, MRICS
Executive director for monetary policy instruments, financial stability and foreign reserve management
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
speaker image
Bárány Kristóf CFA
Founding Partner
Adventum International
speaker image
Baross Pál FRICS
Senior Strategy Advisor
Greenbors Consulting Kft.
speaker image
Borbély Gábor MRICS
speaker image
Budai Henrietta
Sustainability Manager
CPI Hungary
speaker image
Bukta Péter MSc REM
Budapest Development Plan
speaker image
Deák András György
Senior research fellow,
NKE Stratégiai és Védelmi Kutató Intézet
speaker image
Décsi Gábor MRICS
LEO, benchmarking group leader
DOME Facility Services Group, Managing Director
speaker image
Déri Bea
Director of PR, Marketing & Design
CPI Property Group
speaker image
Ditróy Gergely
Business Development Director
speaker image
Erdei Bálint
RedWood Real Estate Holding
speaker image
Faluvégi Balázs
Blue Valew Nonprofit Inc.
speaker image
Ferenczi Attila
Recobin Ltd.
speaker image
Furulyás Ferenc
Managing Director
JLL, Budapest
speaker image
Gárdai János
Chief operating officer
speaker image
Gereben Mátyás MRICS
Country Manager
CPI Hungary
speaker image
Gyertyánfy Miklós MRICS
Chief Operating Officer
Granit Polus
speaker image
Győri Gyula
Facility Management Director
CPI Facility Management Kft.
speaker image
Zsolt Hintenberger MRICS
Managing Partner
speaker image
Hornok Krisztián MRICS
Managing Director, International Transactions and Asset Management
Indotek Group
speaker image
Horváth Levente
Eurázsia Központ, Neumann János Egyetem
speaker image
Dr. Horváth Gergely
Partner, bank- és pénzügyi jogi, valamint a pénzügyi restrukturálási és csődjogi munkacsoportok vezetője
speaker image
Jakab Zsolt MRICS
Senior Portfolio Manager
Diófa Alapkezelő
speaker image
Jelinek Balázs
Deputy CEO – Operations
Városliget Zrt.
speaker image
Kajli Krisztián
Loan Officer
European Investment Bank (EIB)
speaker image
Kalaus Valter MRICS
Managing Partner
Newmark VLK Hungary
speaker image
Kós Balázs
Founder and CEO
Blue Door Consulting
speaker image
Kovács András
Sales Director
Indotek Group
speaker image
Kovács Emese
MN6 Energy Agency
speaker image
Limp Adrián MRICS
Partner, Head of Valuation & Advisory – Hungary
Cushman & Wakefield
speaker image
Madár István
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Makk Károly Dömötör
Lead Leasing Manager
speaker image
Makra Sándor
Market Asset Managment
speaker image
Nagy Gergely
Corporate Regional Manager
OTP Bank Nyrt.
speaker image
Pál Péter
ügyvezető igazgató
Re-Energy Kft.
speaker image

speaker image
Pápai Dorottya MRICS
Business Development Manager
RE/MAX Magyarország
speaker image
Pintér Dániel
Associate Director / Property & Project Management
Eston International
speaker image
Pók Enikő
Senior Interior Designer, CEO
Környezettervezés.hu Kft.
speaker image
Reicher Péter
Country Manager
Graphisoft SE
speaker image
Sarlós Nóra MRICS
MFB-Ingatlanfejlesztő Zrt.
speaker image
Scheer Sándor
Market Építő Zrt.
speaker image
Simon Anita
Deputy CEO, Sustainability and Circular Economy
Alteo Group
speaker image
Michael P. Smithing FRICS
speaker image
Soóki-Tóth Gábor MRICS
Head of CEE Residential Working Group
speaker image
Noah Steinberg FRICS
Chairman & CEO
speaker image
Suba Levente
Head of Sustainability
K&H Group
speaker image
Szabó Viktória
trainer, couch
speaker image
Szij Csaba
B+N Referencia Zrt.
speaker image
Szörcsök Gabriella
Residential Sales Manager
speaker image
Telekesi-Csuhay Borbála MRICS
ESTON International
speaker image
Treiber Olivér
Chief Investment Officer
HelloParks Management Kft.
speaker image
Ürge-Vorsatz Diána
Vice-Chair, Working Group III
United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
speaker image
Ürögi Tamás
Senior Project Manager and Certified Management Consultant
IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft.
speaker image
Varga Judit MRICS
Head of Asset Managment
CA Immo Hungary
speaker image
Wolf László
Member of the Board, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
OTP Bank Plc., Commercial Banking Division

Why you should come?

We wish it were so obvious, but it is not our tenth event. Property X is our first event offering strong professional content based on our classic conference format, where meeting, networking, the experience, the atmosphere  all receive accentuated attention. All this spiced up with an evening programme and extra networking possibilities by Lake Balaton. We are not only combining professional content and the most important actors of the domestic real estate market with the players of the financing sector and the building industry which are closely connected to the market as a whole in a two-day event, but the classic city-centre conference with a more open, more bustling, expo-like space and design that focuses more on the partners and customers.

Profession X Experience X Meeting X Information


The world’s real estate market is going through turbulent times and historical changes; there are so many novelties, information, regulations, tasks, difficulties, risks and challenges, to which the response must be comprehensive and complex. Property X creates a platform for this, where a holistic aspect will prevail throughout the whole event. We are discussing burning topics such as the most important challenges and tasks of the ESG, which is bursting into the lives of almost every market player, the freshest trends and experiences of traditional and flexible office solutions, operation solutions, the already realised or potential changes in the future’s city and people’s existence (work X life), or X-industrial areas such as financing and the impact and views of the construction industry on the domestic real estate market. Participate in this exclusive professional networking event that will bring together sectors and the domestic real estate market where you can meet your current and future professional and business partners in a unique environment.

Download the Portfolio Events mobile app where you can find Portfolio’s professional events in one app, personalised for you. You can access the event’s detailed programme, the list of participants, and your conference ticket, among other things. We even offer a virtual business card exchange. How? The QR code on the badge is your personalised online business card - scan each other's QR codes and you can keep in touch after the conference. Profession, experience, networking. Install with QR-code from desktop >>

Who we recommend

  • Property market decision-makers
  • Developers
  • Financiers
  • Representatives of the FM, PM, AM segments
  • Consultants
  • Appraisers
  • Architects and urban planners
  • Institutional and private investors
  • Lawyers
  • Local government officials

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