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Budapest Economic Forum 2016

Date: 6th October 2016  

Location: Hotel Sofitel Budapest


  • Is the "about 3% growth" a slogan or the reality?
  • Bank leaders’ roundtable: is lending really starting now?
  • Exchange of views between the Governor of the Central Bank: domestic and international monetary policy. Helicopter money in Hungary and in the world?
  • Investments: what is missing, capital or workforce?
  • How serious a problem is the shortage of labour force in Hungary?
  • What does Brussels give us? Are we waiting again for the EU to save us?

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Andor László
Head of Department
BCE, former Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of EU
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média Zrt. (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
Beke Zsuzsa
Head of Communication and Public Affairs
Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
speaker image
Bencsik László
OTP Bank
speaker image
Bertalan Sándor
Executive Director, Middle-sized corporates
MBH Bank
speaker image
Bod Péter Ákos
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem
speaker image
Chikán Attila
Corvinus University of Budapest, Competitiveness Research Centre
speaker image
Csepreghy Nándor
State Secretary, Deputy Minister
Ministry of Construction and Transport
speaker image
Csürös Csanád
Property Forum
speaker image
Darvas Zsolt
Senior Fellow
Bruegel Institute
speaker image
Dr. Balog Ádám
Member of the Board
speaker image
Duronelly Péter CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager
Aegon Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
speaker image
Fehér Tamás
Managing Director
speaker image
Felfalusi Péter
speaker image
Jelasity Radován
Chairman, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO
Hungarian Banking Association, Erste Bank Hungary
speaker image
Karvalits Ferenc
Deputy CEO
Wallis Asset Management Ltd.
speaker image
Lakatos Péter
speaker image
HE Iain Lindsay OBE
Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Hungary
British Embassy Budapest
speaker image
Madár István
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Mészáros Csaba
Chairman - Owner
evopro Holding Zrt.
speaker image
Nadeau Alain
Head of Office
European Investment Bank Group
speaker image
Samu János
Head of reserch
Concorde Értékpapír
speaker image
Scheer Sándor
Market Építő Zrt.
speaker image
Székely Gábor
Investment Director
AutoWallis Nyrt.
speaker image
Urbán Zoltán
speaker image
Végh Richárd
Budapest Stock Exchange
speaker image
Virág Barnabás
Managing Director
Hungarian National Bank
speaker image
Weinhardt Attila
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Heinz Wiedner
former CEO
Raiffeisen Bank
speaker image
Zolnai György
Raiffeisen Bank

Why you should come?

Portfolio is soon hosting the sixth of its annual economic summits, bringing policymakers together to exchange views on the current situation and future outlook on a global and national level. The Budapest Economic Forum is the place to discuss everything that really matters to the financial and private sector right now: growth and competitiveness, shortage of labour and appeal to investors, closing the wage gap and economic migration, EU funds and foreign direct investment, lending and banking sector outlook.

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Who we recommend

  • Private equity & venture capital investors
  • Financial directors
  • Middle and top management of financial institutions
  • Players on the sales side of the sector
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Financing experts
  • Consultants

Our Sponsors

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The Budapest Economic Forum is a unique event that offers an exceptional opportunity to discuss the most exciting economic issues of Hungary, the central and eastern European region and the euro area.


  • Video Interview with Marianne Thyssen (Commissioner (2014-2019) Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, European Commission)
  • László Andor, Head of Department, BCE, former Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of EU
  • HE Iain Lindsay OBE, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Hungary, British Embassy Budapest 
  • Nándor Csepreghy, Deputy Minister for Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister's Office
  • Barnabás Virág, Managing Director, Hungarian National Bank
  • Radován Jelasity, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO, Erste Bank Hungary
  • Heinz Wiedner, CEO, Raiffeisen Bank
  • Dr. Ádám Balog, Chairman-CEO, MKB Bank Zrt.
  • György Zolnai, CEO-Chairman, Budapest Bank
  • Urbán Zoltán, CEO, Eximbank
  • Richárd Végh, CEO, Budapest Stock Exchange
  • György Surányi, Economist, Former President of the Hungarian National Bank
  • Péter Ákos Bod, Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest, Former President of the Hungarian National Bank
  • Ferenc Karvalits, Economist, Former Vice-President of the Hungarian National Bank
  • László Bencsik, Deputy-CEO, OTP Bank
  • Péter Duronelly CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Aegon Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt.
  • Tamás Fehér, Managing Director, Trenkwalder
  • Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow, Bruegel Institute, Brussel
  • Attila Chikán, Economist, Corvinus University of Budapest, Competitiveness Research Centre
  • Péter Felfalusi, CEO, Chairman, Intrum Justitia Zrt., MAKISZ
  • Sándor Scheer, CEO, Market
  • Alain Nadeau, Head of Office, European Investment Bank Group
  • János Samu, Senior Analyst, Concorde Értékpapír
  • Gábor Székely, vezérigazgató, Appeninn Holding Nyrt.
  • Zsuzsa Beke, Head of Communication and Public Affairs, Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
  • István Madár, Senior Analyst, Portfolio



DATE: 6th October, 2016

PLACE: SOFITEL Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
Hotel Information, Map & Location

COST: EUR 275 + VAT / person

Fee includes: conference documentation, full lunch and coffee breaks. The conference is bilingual with English-Hungarian simultaneous interpretation.


- 10% discount is available for 2 registrations,
- 20% on 3 or more

Discounts cannot be combined!

Our conference is expected not only to provide an opportunity to expand the participants’ knowledge base, but also to create an excellent forum for high-level networking and the forging of new professional relations. Our goal is more than just to organise another cut an dry event; we strive to make this conference a regular, interactive and international forum that keeps its finger on the pulse of the market.

Our goal is to create a forum where decision makers, academics, economic experts, market players and corporate leaders can discuss these issues together, evaluate the situation and have a debate on what short-term and long-term solutions they find best.



Portfolio Conferences are organized by NET Media Inc, member of Central European Media and Publishing Group. Our events cover 7 different industries and attract more than 8000 participants annually and highly renowned for their great opportunities of networking and building business relationships, merely not just giving new professional knowledge. Our aim is not to have a one time occasion event, but creating a yearly international interactive forum about the changes of the market. Find out more on www.portfolio.hu/en or conference@portfolio.hu (e-mail).



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Budapest Economic Forum 2016



István Madár
  • István Madár
  • Senior Analyst
  • Phone: 428-9063
  • Email:
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