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Sustainable World 2022

Businesses of the future

Date: 6th September 2022  

Location: Marriott Hotel, Budapest + Terrace


  • A competitive edge or an expectation – ESG has entered the markets
  • The events have sped up: experience of the largest companies in green transition
  • Yesterday it was recommended, now it is obligatory: what does the EU expect from companies?
  • Green finances, green corporate financing
  • Sustainable investments and the “greenium”
  • Shift risk – Are companies ready?
  • In the world of alternative energy – Nuclear green or 100% renewable?
  • Let’s solve it! – Security of supply, network development, and energy storage
  • Soaring energy prices, alarming predictions
  • From large companies to the smallest ones: the whole chain shifts to green
  • No excuses: the investor and the consumer decide the pace of sustainability

Why you should come?

Following huge interest last year, in 2022 we will be organising our third Sustainable World conference for the businesses of the future. The unquestionable weight of sustainability and its intrusion into the economy were eyed sceptically just a year ago, but the past 12 months forced economic players to adapt so fast that many of them have already gained enviable experience in belonging to the green elite of the world.

The main objective of the event is to present the experiences of these pioneers to serve as guidelines for businesses that intend to use the advantages of sustainability to improve efficiency or to gain a competitive edge, and for whom stable, future-oriented and at the same time sustainable business is a declared goal. In addition to green financing opportunities, forward-looking investment decisions, ESG compliance and the EU's new sustainability framework, our conference will also place renewable energy in focus and will cover the emergence of new corporate strategies generated by employees and customers.

Cost and energy effective operation, sustainability goals and specific measures, and the long-term retention of the trust of customers and partners all contribute to the unique know-how and strategy that could be a green card for becoming a business fo the future.

Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Decision-makers of innovative and green businesses
  • Energy suppliers and generators
  • Business executives
  • Conscious energy consumers
  • Financial investors, businesspeople
  • Banks and financers
  • Consultants
  • Investment funds

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