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Portfolio Property X 2023

Date: 7th - 8th June 2023  

Location: Anna Grand Hotel, Balatonfüred


  • A strong shield protected the market, but how big a hole did the crisis hit in it?
  • Snapshot of the domestic real estate market
  • Is pressure easing on the financing side?
  • Are we repriced?
  • Development! Stop?!
  • Global prospects and the world surrounding us
  • Macro landscape in the light of the real estate market
  • Energy. Energy. Energy. Operation. Operation. Operation.
  • X-experience – Cross-sectorial opinion leaders
  • Relaxed networking
  • Networking until late at night
  • Informal information

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Aladics-Szili Tímea
Group Marketing And Communications Director
Futureal Group
speaker image
Balástyai Márk
Project Director
Etele Plaza, Futureal-Group
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média Zrt. (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
Banai Ádám PhD
Director of Directorate Financial System Analysis
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
speaker image
Bárány Kristóf CFA
Founding Partner
Adventum International
speaker image
Bogár Roland
RE Investment Director
Diófa Asset Management
speaker image
Borbély Gábor MRICS
speaker image
Botos Bálint CFA
Managing Partner
Forestay RE Fund Management
speaker image
Deák András György
Senior research fellow,
NKE Stratégiai és Védelmi Kutató Intézet
speaker image
Déri Bea
Director of PR, Marketing & Design
CPI Property Group
speaker image
Ditróy Gergely
Business Development Director
speaker image
Fekete Zoltán
President of Management Board
speaker image
Flórián László
Rossmann Magyarország Kft.
speaker image
Fülöp Bence
Trinity Enviro, Alkamazott Víztudományi Intézet
speaker image
Gárdai János
Chief operating officer
speaker image
Gauder Péter
építész; generalista-urbanista
ENSZ Emberi Települések Bizottsága városmenedzsment tanácsadó
speaker image
Gereben Mátyás MRICS
Country Manager
CPI Hungary
speaker image
Gresó György
Real Estate Expert
speaker image
Gyertyánfy Miklós MRICS
Chief Operating Officer
Granit Polus
speaker image
Győri Gyula
Facility Management Director
CPI Facility Management Kft.
speaker image
Gyurcsik Attila
Chief Investment Officer
Accorde Fund Management Plc.
speaker image
Héjj Ákos MRICS
ügyvezető igazgató
Generali Ingatlan
speaker image
Hornok Krisztián MRICS
Transaction Director
Indotek Group
speaker image
Horváth Dávid
Senior Workplace Consultant, Occupier Services
Colliers Magyarország
speaker image
Ispánki Nikoletta
Commercial Director
GTC Hungary
speaker image
Jelinek Balázs
Deputy CEO – Operations
Városliget Zrt.
speaker image
Kajári Gyula
Financial Urban Development and Environmental Protection Committee, chairman
speaker image
Kalaus Valter MRICS
Managing Partner
Newmark VLK Hungary
speaker image
Király Anita
Operative Director
Portfolio Csoport
speaker image
Kovács-Bertók Zita
Office Business Development Director
CPI Hungary Kft.
speaker image
Kozák Ákos PhD
Business Partner, üzleti jövőkutató
Impetus Research
speaker image
Lánszki Regő
State Secretary for Architecture
Ministry of Construction and Investment
speaker image
Madár István
Senior Analyst
speaker image
Nagy Gergely
Deputy Managing Director – Budapest Region
OTP Group
speaker image
Dr. Navracsics Tibor
minister for the use of EU funds
Government of Hungary
speaker image
Dr. Ódor Dániel MRICS
Taylor Wessing
speaker image
Oláh Zsanett
NÖF, the National Heritage Protection and Development Non-profit Ltd.
speaker image
Oláh Miklós
Sociologist, research manager
Balaton Integration and Development Agency Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
speaker image
Pál Péter
ügyvezető igazgató
Re-Energy Kft.
speaker image
Pálfalvi Zsuzsa
Managing Director, Graphisoft Park Services
Vice President, LEO
speaker image
Pásztor Roxána
Sustainability Project Leader
speaker image
Pázmány Balázs FRICS
Chairman of the Board
Erste Alapkezelő Zrt.
speaker image
Polster Tamás MRICS
Partner and Co-Founder
Urbanite Advisors
speaker image
Révi Zsolt Tamás
Chartered architect, lead designer
Hungarian Chamber of Architects
speaker image
Simon Tamás
Retail division - Commercial Director
Indotek Group
speaker image
Simonyi Balázs MRICS
Head of Office Advisory
speaker image
Szarvas Gábor
Head of the EU Taxonomy Working Group
speaker image
Szij Csaba
B+N Referencia Zrt.
speaker image
dr. Szilágyi Melinda
Head of Operations Hungary and Slovakia
Multi Hungary Management Kft.
speaker image
Dr. Takács Ernő
Deputy CEO
WING Zrt., IFK Chairman
speaker image
Tatár Tibor MRICS
Calyx Investment
speaker image
Tibor Dávid
Masterplast Nyrt.
speaker image
Tóth András István
Solution sales director
E.ON Energiamegoldások Kft.
speaker image
Tóth Kata
Conference project leader
speaker image
Tüske Ferenc Zoltán
Owner, CEO
GoConcept, Belsőörs
speaker image
Albrecht Ute
Budapest Főváros Városépítési Tervező Kft. (BFVT)
speaker image
Varga Judit MRICS
Head of Asset Managment
CA Immo Hungary
speaker image
Wolf László
Member of the Board, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
OTP Bank Plc., Commercial Banking Division

Why you should come?

A quality tradition for the Hungarian real estate market that we created together!

With our first Property X event last year in Balatonfüred, we could create a new quality, something very different from the usual conferences for the most important players of the domestic real estate market. Together, alongside the market! We will not let it go to waste and we are going forward!

This year, again we are planning an event that offers strong professional content and is based on our traditional conferences, where meeting, networking, experience and a good atmosphere will all have an accentuated role. All this is spiced up with an evening programme and extra networking possibilities on the shore of Lake Balaton, in an elegant environment. But we are not only combining professional content and the most important actors of the domestic real estate market with the players of the financing sector and the building industry which are closely connected to the market as a whole in a two-day event, but the classic city-centre conference with a more open, more bustling, expo-like space and design which focuses more on the partners and customers.

What is X?

The world’s real estate market is going through turbulent times and historical changes, there are so many novelties, information, regulations, tasks, difficulties, risks and challenges, to which the response must be comprehensive and complex. Property X creates a platform for this, where a holistic aspect will prevail throughout the whole event. We are discussing burning topics such as the most important tasks of the energy crisis bursting into the lives of almost every market player, the freshest trends and experiences of traditional and flexible office solutions, operation solutions, or X-industrial areas such as financing and the impact and views of the construction industry on the domestic real estate market. Participate in this exclusive professional networking event that will bring together sectors and the world of real estate where you can meet your current and future professional and business partners in a special environment.

Property X for Lake Balaton!

This year, we are preparing a special extra programme for our professional meeting in Füred. We are bringing to life a business and professional meeting place, the “Balaton Business Forum*”, dealing with one of our most important business and economic regions, lake Balaton and its surroundings, its future, development, possibilities and sustainable growth. On the second day of this year’s X, everyone is welcome to our event addressing the future of the "Hungarian Sea"! Learn more about the event’s details at the following link.

*Tickets purchased for the Portfolio Property X 2023 are always valid for the Balaton Business Forum 2023 conference available as a separate event as well.

An eXtra dress code comes with the conference experience; we expect our guests to wear ‘summer business casual’ clothing.

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A Property X élmény újabb mérföldköve! Tekerj le velünk Budapestről (vagy a Velencei tótól) Balatonfüredre, a hazai ingatlanpiac legfrissebb élménykonferenciájának részeként! A 0. nap a fenntarthatóság, a sport, az ESG, a kötetlen networking és a valódi kihívás jegyében telik el idén, ahol a CPI Property Group támogatásával megvalósuló biciklitúra keretében közösen érkezünk le a 2 napos füredi Portfolio Property X konferenciára!
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Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Property market decision-makers
  • Developers
  • Financiers
  • Representatives of the FM, PM, AM segments
  • Consultants
  • Appraisers
  • Architects and urban planners
  • Institutional and private investors
  • Lawyers
  • Local government officials
  • and those who wish to broaden their network of contacts in their profession and the connected areas and are looking for business networking possibilities

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Organisation, general questions

Nikoletta Dobler
  • Nikoletta Dobler
  • Event Organiser
  • Phone: +36 1 646 4393
  • Email:


Bacsa Attila
  • Bacsa Attila
  • Phone: +36-30-650-9833
  • Email:
Sándor Takács
  • Sándor Takács
  • Commercial Director
  • Phone: 428-9094
  • Email:


Gergely Ditróy
  • Gergely Ditróy
  • Business Development Director
  • Email:
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