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Sustainable World 2020

Businesses of the future

Date: 22nd April 2020   Location: New York Palace Budapest

  • Requirements and financial opportunities of the EU's climate strategy – When are grants available?
  • Climate risks in investment strategies
  • A new horizon for financial markets: sustainable investments in the future
  • A competitive advantage or a mandatory element? - ESG and green bonds
  • Becoming ever greener: bank loans and market opportunities for sustainable projects
  • A greener vision – Is not being climate neutral now a disadvantage?
  • Decentralised renewable generation: are the grids prepared for it?
  • In the world of alternative energy – Onwards on the Tesla road
  • Climate positive corporate governance – The real labour magnet?

Why you should come?

Portfolio will be organising its Sustainable World conference, an event for the businesses of the future, for the first time in 2020. The emphasis on climate policy and sustainability is now indisputable, and environmental impacts have found their way to the economy, finance, energy, and social issues, and therefore also into the lives of all competitive businesses. The primary goal of the conference is to show private businesses the financing options and grants available for becoming sustainable and innovative, and to help early adopters turn the green label into a competitive advantage before it soon becomes a basic requirement. In addition to financing and investment opportunities, the conference will also cover the rise and future of renewables, which are an essential component for meeting climate goals and social expectations. 

The business of the future is a company operating in a sustainable manner, placing a minimal burden on the environment, is cost and energy efficient, and is aware of all energy, financial and investment opportunities that can help it become even more successful and satisfy its customers, business partners and younger employees alike.

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Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • Decision-makers of innovative and green companies
  • Energy suppliers and generators
  • Executives and CFOs
  • Aware energy consumers
  • Financial investors and businesspeople
  • Banks and financiers
  • Consultants
  • Investment funds


Organisation, general questions

Gábor Ócsai
  • Gábor Ócsai
  • event organizer
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Renáta Szekeres
  • Renáta Szekeres
  • event organizer
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Csilla Kiss
  • Csilla Kiss
  • Key-Account Manager
  • Phone: +36 20 287 3256
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Péter Mihály
  • Péter Mihály
  • Senior Sales Manager
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Roxána Pásztor
  • Roxána Pásztor
  • Phone: +36-30-908-9711
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